Sunday, September 18, 2011

The clouds are lifting from the ocean.

I'm obsessed with Japanese writers again. You must know, because I shall update you with trivial insignificant facts of life, since I haven't ranted at all this month. Blame my cursed mid terms for it (why did that remind me of a mid wife?)
Anyway. The month has been academically eventful. Though my report card won't show so, I know. By the end of seven hours of Political Science, I came to realize the next day was that what I wrote in the paper was utter, naked bullshit interspersed with murderous silly mistakes and I've realized it's cow poop when they say 'Women are good with dates' cause the theory doesn't seem to work with me. Out of nine chapters (the whole fat book), all I could gather was two dates I could be sure of. 1961 and '62. And they weren't even a part of the one markers so screw that shit.
Anyhoo. My life without Facebook still feels like a private Himalaya in Delhi. I sit online for half n hour a day. I check Blogger, skype some and sign out letting a fantastic play list of Goan and Euro trance play.

My econ tuition teacher loves me and considers me a bright bulb. And hence, I didn't exactly know how to react when he told me he had a 'feeling' that I wasn't going to do well in this midterm and he seemed considerably cheerful about it. Which is why I stick by my policy of not bothering to understand much of Scholarly people.

My cousin sister came over for the weekend, and we had our share of
going out shopping and not buying anything,hehh. (I got my nose pin changed to a ring, if that's an update?) And yeah that's her--->
Also,the following night she,my elder sister and I had a Sisters Night Out at this super fancy Sizzler joint. I'm positive I can't eat for the next three days, that's how full I am!

Other than that, life is pretty upsetting till the 26th. That's when my midterms get over, and my ladies and I run to Paharganj once again to lash out on the markets and Sam's Cafe.
Not to mention PUJO is on its way! My spirits have considerably dampened because of idiotic friends of mine who choose to ditch Delhi and decide to screw up big bong plans. (You're never going to hear the end of this, trust me dear boy.)
But hey my ladies plan to be around a lot during pujo, so hell I'm psyched about showing them around. They've never seen the "real thing" of it before. Also, I plan on spending a lot of time with family this time. OH OH OH and I'm also going for Bhashan this year! (for those of you who don't have a clue of what I'm saying,I shall explain when I'm online for longer okay?)
Anndd. Now the cherry on the cake- Raima, my sister's going to be here for Diwali. I was expecting Diwali to suck monkey balls this year like my last one, but hey thank god she's going to be here :) So that means another blissful week of insane fun.

But yeah. Before all the fun starts, I still have about another week of books and mid terms to write. Sigh. So anyhoo. I shall take your leave now. And I love you readers for the amazing positive feedbacks y'all have been giving me on my fictions last month. Honestly, you guys make me want to write.
Now ciao! Hope you lot had a fantastic weekend.

-Hoping for some more rainy skies please,

P.S- Tomorrow's my English midterm. I realize now I underestimated the course a bit too much, and maybe attending a class or two would have done me some good. Shit.


  1. nothing for next three days! ahem.. ok
    oH! and i made my debut on ur blog! \m/

    oh and also the best for english btw! =P

  2. Hahaha that didn't quite work out,now did it sis?! :-P
    And woohhoo yess you did. Gonna need luck for English this time for sure babe.
    Bllehh. Lets hope for a weekend out soon enough, once my exams give over!
    You take care till then :)

  3. mid wife? lol

    and yeah,the english syl is screwing us over :l sigh.
    love the photo!

    26th..seems so far away :(

  4. All the best sweety! And yeah, loved the pic! And and and.. PUJO is on it way! So effing enthusiastic about it! You wear specs too? BTW they make you look like one big nerd! :P Don't take that one seriously.. ;) tc..

  5. @Vanta: I swear, the big field didn't quite help us much. :|
    Hhe thanks! And sigh. No love, just a week away! Study your butt off, and 26th shall be katal :)

    @Sudeshna: Thanks for the luck. Haha and specs are definitely not my strong point. Most of the times, I need to first figure out wherever the hell did I lose them first to wear'em ;)

  6. ur mid term ends on 26th and my sem exams end on 26th :) happy happy studies :D

  7. Paharganj, with the ladies, eh?

    When are we gonna make plans?

  8. Haan nil, there are ways. Give me your gmail id, il mail you :) Since you've left us and moved on from fb :(

  9. LOL.. Same same! :P every morning I need to spend around 10 minutes to find where the hell are they.. :D

  10. Haha.......i dont see any end to this anytime soon either:P
    but u know how AYE feel about it! dont you?

  11. Haha, after studying hard for Maths I don't even like the idea of studying anymore. *sigh* why can't 26th come any sooner?

    Nice to hear you have plans. I have week long celebrations planned too. Hope we all get AWESOME marks though :P

    Oh and I miss your comments on my blog :(

    Nice little update. But now I better go study Econ ;)

  12. @Sawan: Hah, cheers to 26th it seems then! :)

    @Shiv: Whenever you get time to be away from your tuition centers :|

    @Rev: Sure thing but I don't have your mail ID! Give give.
    And arrey I haven't left any of you at all, I'll be back in the cyber fb world real soon :)

  13. @Sudeshna: High five at that one bro :P

    @Rob: "AYE" don't exactly care about how "YOO" feel. "AYE" am going to torture you for this for ages to come.

    @Charu: 26th is going to be worth the wait love! And cheers to the awesome week of celebrations, make it irrespective if the marks being awesome or not. That should be the spirit ;)
    And aww I miss commenting too! I'm sorry, I know I've been terrible at getting back to people over the past few months, it's just been a spaced out patch. :| You'll hear from me soon I promise! :)
    And oh lordddddd. Econ :/ Good luck to us!

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  16. How was your English midterm? Manageable, eh? And life without Facebook, is indeed bliss. Nothing to creep, worry, and no one to stalk. That HAS to be bliss. Hoping that your fun starts soon... pretty soon. 26th ain't that far away.

    PS: Rainy skies? Always, for the win. :)

  17. Nil, Pujo is making me go ecstatic. Gosh its the best times!

    And do you really have to study for english? You can knock the socks of every frickin eng paper in the world.

    And same here, I stopped fbing and its pretty peaceful :P

  18. @Arjit: Eyy there,good to see you here after so long! English..well it was just how and English paper should be haha ;) and yeah, rainy skies always for the win :) Come around more often, good to see old blogger friends here!

    @Sam: Pujo's got us ALL ecstatic babe. Even my non-bong friends are psyched cause they're going to be shown around by me this year :D And aww haha yeah right! No man, this time english did make me break into sweating some :P
    And woohhoo. Go facebook abandons :D :P

  19. Rainy skies here too...they're reeeally getting on my nerves.
    And mid terms...ugh...same here...killing me. And I have stupid practicals after that so it'll go up till 29th.
    Thank godddd for Pujo!!! Kota jaama holo? ;)

  20. So seems like you'll have loads of I was wondering do you stay in chittaranjan park cos that place seemed mike a mini kolkata last time i visited :P

  21. @Antara: Rainy skies getting on your nerves? Is that even humanly possible? :O And heyy good luck for your practicals man! Ahaha oujo'r jama hoye ni ekhono! ;(

    @Sam: Bwhaha bull's eye! :P

  22. I never though it to be humanly possible myself...but it's been raining non stop for 3 months. I kid you not. 3 months and probably 3 total days of no rain in all those 3 months.
    I love rain...more than anyone ever could...but when it is 3 months, you get a little irritated :P
    Aah...I haven't had a Pujo'r jama till now either so you've got company there

  23. How was the exam?
    And you dont need to attend classes for English you write like a doctorate in English :D

    Lovely pics <3

    I love your rants and rants :D keep doing it and keep making me read it :D

    btw I blogged after ages :P

  24. good luck on your midterms and your reading Nil. <3

  25. @Antara: Woah three months! I'm not sure if I should envy you.. But yeaaah I guess that's a litttle too much for anyone to handle. :/
    And heh, glad to know I'm not the only one left!

    @Scrib Gal: Heyheyheyyy love! English was just..well English! ;) And lol sure thing man. You just keep getting more and more biased! : )
    And aww. Thanks hon, I know you're one who's always ready to listen to rants! and wooohhhoo I'm on my way to your blog then <3

    @Cheryl: Eyy eyy eyy there comes my pretty fashion starrrrrr. :)
    Thanks hun. Your comment's always a cherry on the top :-*


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