Monday, September 12, 2011

The hush hush Street.

 The hush hush Street.

Like snippets of my imagination, a hurricane of possibilities rove through my mind when I saw the man standing there, under the yellow street lamp smoking his pipe. His body language was unsure, his eyes were hollow holes with only the jaws of his face illuminated. His coat was old, strands of wool discharged into awkward angles of obtuse. His posture kept shifting, trying to hold a confident edge but failed miserably to find a comfortable stand..
"Hmm..Nervous..But would he?" ; I heard my mind calculate the possibilities.. I decided against him. I remembered Boss complaining about my insularity, the other day. And suddenly, I found myself in an agitation to prove him wrong, like a child I felt my brows frowning and my knees felt weak.

I lit my smoke, the tiny flame caught the man's attention in the dim surrounding. I leaned next to the bar door and let the light of the fluctuating tube light above outlining the bar's name fall on me. On my cut sleeved red dress, on the careless chunks of jewellery accentuating my collar bone, on the red high heels that transformed me the minute I kicked them on.
I let the man see me. 

He took half a step, adjusting his hat. And then retreated back, and walked away briskly.
"Hmm.. he wouldn't. Too much of a pet cat.."; I smiled.

I blew the smoke up into the air, letting the chill in the air soothe my face, and calm my relieved nerves. I drew in and drew out my right leg on the concrete below. I was surprised at how gorgeous they looked. I heard Ruby's words somewhere in my ear; "Practice makes a woman perfect hun.. A man will always be just as imperfect as the first try." ; and somewhere I saw her wink too.

A couple passed  by. The man's eyes immediately shifted to my legs, the hips, and then above. And then quickly looked at his wife with an apologetic smile, who didn't notice his seconds of fantasy. The wife smiled back. But they walked swiftly and took a turn in the next block. Getting rid of this street as soon as they could. The man looked back, before the curve.
"Of course he'll come back to this street very soon." my mind spoke.

I lit the next cigarette. A Mercedes Benz swooshed by, and stopped abruptly in front of the bar three doors away. The expensive one. A lean man in an expensive ensemble stepped out with a white package under his armpit. He put on a white fedora, and walked in quickly.
"Did expensive really matter?" , my mind asked.
 An hour later, I spotted the man. This time, the fedora was gone, the outline of his hair was ruffled,  and his walk a little unstable, trying to keep a quick pace. The irritable foot tapping didn't stop until the Benz came to pick him up, and the car went away. I saw the man pull up the window.

I lit my third cigarette. And waited for some more faces, few more shadows to lurk around this forbidden and yet celebrated street of the city. I exhaled in the warmth of the smoke, the only companion who'd hover around,follow the faces in ghostly shapes and vanish into thin air just like the shadows of this hush hush street.. who'd hover around until one of them would actually come where I stood, slide his arms into my waist and let me escort him into the door behind me.
I waited and let the brothel in my mind speak, judge and laugh.


Awaiting feedbacks as usual..


  1. Sweetheart, you don't write.. You paint a picture in the mind of the reader as he/she gets absorbed into the words! :-)

  2. Sudeshna! Thrilled to see you visited again. And good lord,did your comment make my Tuesday or what!
    Thanks love, you're very kind :)

  3. This is good, good shit, lady. Really good. This is pretty fucking epic, in fact, and I don't see any reason to not say so. Keep writing, yo. This blew my mind.

    \m/ (-_-) \m/

    Brother out.

  4. Nil.. your most welcome.. BTW my bestie and you share the same name.. NILANJANA.. Well, I love the name.. And I love the way you write! I've been visiting you since long and it's just that I recently found out something to say.. Hope that u visit me too someday at too.. Take care honey! :)

  5. @Mantaaah: Hullo there littttul Freak Brother o'mine. (That totally reminded me of our kickass jam to Sweet Child O'mine!) Good to see that you haven't completely immersed yourself in the Ganges of VIT and that I still blow your mind off (this time devoid abuses) B) \m/
    Haha thanks chotu! Your sudden comments encourage me to consider buying you something nice for bhai duh :P
    -Sister Out.

    @Sudeshna: Haha small world I tell you! And heyy just curious- How did you figure my real name? Usually don't use it on blogger. Haha and hell yeah would love to visit you, on my wayy :)

  6. Dude! Nil this was sexy. That is the only word that comes out!

  7. @Nil.. I felt that you're bengali.. And Nilanjana wass the name that struck my mind when I read the title of ur blog.. Simple! Ain't it? ;) :P

  8. Red is seductive, red is sweet, red is the poison I seek?

    Perhaps, many of them would return to be judged again, not by worth or money, but by their savage hunger and primal instincts.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. @Sam: Haha, don't blame you! It's pretty much the word that hovers around here!

    @Sudeshna: Haha woah, I wouldn't have guessed pretty honestly! Awesome tho, Sherlock instincts I see ;)

  10. @Blasphemous: Bull's eye, as always! Absolutely Bull's eye :)

    @Vantz: You,too ;)

  11. Uriye diley babu! Tumi toh boro hoye gaecho.. Didn't realize it until I read this. Khub bhalo likhecho. You caught me off guard kiddo. But well done, very well done!

  12. aar darun shundor chobi guno ligiechis toh!

  13. Hehe thanks Mashi! I was secretly hoping you wouldn't read this tho :P
    But I'm really glad you think so... thank you so much for always accepting my ideas with an open heart and mind. I know it's tough for people to do that when they see others grow up from babies to babas :P
    hehe and thanks! the photo post was super random tho!

  14. A day in the life of a sex worker... painted very well. Funny how so many men must pass by a woman like that and fantasize about and then go home and preach eternal love to their wives !

  15. Hey! Glad you stopped by.. Very kind of you to follow my blog:)
    and yes, indeed funny in a rather satiric way'eh.

  16.'s been really long...i visited my blog today after about an year and saw your's great that you still remember me....but the good news is you have gotten really better since the last time i was here..

    great post...very vivid and i especially love the dark's good stuff....perhaps i should get back to blogging too...

  17. And it's good to see one of my favorite bloggers back on this page. Did I miss your comments or what!
    Thanks so much, you're only too kind. Trust me, it's no better! haha. But hell yeaah. You should get back to blogging. You got us people standing on our toes man :)

  18. Absolutely brilliant! You keep getting better woman! :)

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  20. !!!

    Amazing man... so interesting...

    Mazza aa gaya... :P


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