Sunday, September 25, 2011

Has it ever happened to you?

Has it ever happened to you, that the sky outside is a clichéd purple along with the concrete jungle around blushing to a light crimson, while you're hovering in a parallel world of Pink Floyd playing to the Dark Side Of the Moon.
Has it ever happened to you, that despite the unanswered texts in your phone hiding a bunch of plans, you wish to ignore the entire civilization and keep quiet and be on your own. Just indulge in music, and photographs of faces that speak a language through the grains of each and every print.
Has it ever happened to you, that you give yourself company at laughing on the foul things we kids run around after, that scream and yell their importance but stand so hollow once they're caught between our inexperienced, unwise, imbecile,bony fingers.
Has it ever happened to you, that in a ten minute long track, you understand the basic problem revolving around your life and the basic answer of pluck it out and throw it away like a weightless  weed altogether, for it to never return again.
Has it ever happened to you, all of this, in a span of twenty minutes in a single evening.

I wasn't asking, the question was rhetorical.


Please listen.


  1. Even though it was a rhetorical question, i'm answering. It has happened. :)

  2. Pink Floyd make such things happen xD

  3. NIL! Why aren't you on facebook?!

  4. @Rachana: Cheers to that!

    @Rob: Couldn't agree more :)

    @Sim: Halo prettyfayycce. Aah, nothing. Was just cutting myself some slack ;) I'll be back in no time though :)

  5. Go grins! I'm all 32 out yo!
    You on a Floyd voyage heyyy I see you B]

  6. I fail to see how you're so animated all the time o_O

    And yes. Tripping on Floyd, very much.

  7. Animation's good yo. I'm going to Japan again this October B]


    And Japan? Again? Same program??
    And wow that's awesaaam. Congratulations :)
    I bet that made someone howl on just how nerdy you get with age :-P

  9. I know right? And naww, not the same one. It's not exactly robotics this time.. it's more to do with the theoretical approach to the parts which are modified to build into power machines. More of the tech side, not much of the doing yo. =(
    But it's a first time!

  10. Err rraiigghhtt. Okay, spare my blog the spam please?
    This ain't the best place to chat, so shall we politely walk out now? ;|

  11. Sorry =| WELL, you're the one who's on an underground go kart,hey.
    Gtalk? =)

  12. i wish it had happened to me!
    u have a way with words!
    lovely picture there!

  13. Nope. Not really up for a chat.. Need to study. Last mid term tomorrow (Y)

  14. @Maham: Thank you so much! That's very kind.. And I'm sure it'll happen to you soon enough :)

  15. Aww okayyhh =(
    But mail me soon?

  16. Omg STOP replying so quickly please!
    And sure, I'll do that.
    Now please lets just stop spamming here?

  17. I keep refreshing the page, that's how =) =P
    And sheesh okay. I'm off your page Charlie! B]
    BUT you're emailing me soon yo.

  18. Freak.
    And Charlie? James Bond much :|
    And yeaa yeaa. I'll do that. Not if you reply here again,tho.
    So buhbye and I'll catch you on G soon. NOW DO NOT reply if you want an email -.-

  19. Oh yes .. it happens a lot with me I am lost most of the times in my own little place ...


  20. @Arjit: Oww yesssss :)

    @Vantz: :-*

    @Bikram: Sounds good to me!

  21. hell yes, all the time. in fact, every time i listen to floyd. it does stuff. stuff happens, pieces fall into places, epiphanies occur, thoughts crystallize. and everything becomes super articulate and clear :)

  22. Nodding my head while reading this throughout !! haha and pink floyd <3


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