Sunday, November 21, 2010

.....of busy weeks and catching up :)

Hello there folks. So I've had a crazy week. It's been packed with something or the other to do, and I enjoyed it :) Cause it wasn't the pissed-off-busy, but happy-busy. Yes, I know, I know. I've stopped making sense. But that's what you can expect out of a sixteen year old after a week of madenning rush. Anyhow. The starting of the weekend was amazing. The movies and then dinner :) After quite a long time, I went back to being random and found an old friend, again. It was fantastic to get out in the cold and catch up about the randomest of facts. Haah, never mind that the chicken for the dinner sucked ;)
But it was nice. Informal. Laughs. Jokes. Memories. Thai food. Oh oh not to forget the last minute arguments at the ticket counter for the suddenly decided movie that ended up impressing the both of us.
I'm glad the craziness has started again :)

There was Atreyi's surprise birthday party,too. Damn was it nice! Her face was priceless when we girls showed up at her den and cut the cake at 12. All of us danced and hogged like pigs.. Not to mention the car ride that followed with nine people stuffed in one car :D

Oh and there was the Ramjas Annual debate yesterday that Remya and I went to. We did a pretty good job, and made it for the finals. And I got to know today that I also won the best interjector award. So yeah I'm happy about that :)

The cold's finally set in. I used to loathe winters.. I don't mind them so much anymore. Actually I've rather started to enjoy them. Ofcourse, it's a little odd when I have everybody on the road staring at me wearing a half sleeves tee with jeans while these guys are already out with their winter woolens, but whatever. The breeze is actually pretty nice and pleasant :)

Went over to Shiv's after a loooong time,today. Haha had the speacial maggi after a bloody long time.
I might be going to Raghu Dixit's concert tomorrow, but not quite betting on it yet. Eco paper on Monday :|
There's a reason why everybody hates Mondays. No seriously, I think it should be banned. For that matter I think we should only have Fridays, Saturdays, and a LOT of Sundays :D
I'm going to be starting on a book on photography tonight :) (If economics allows it) should be fun. I've been out of touch for a while.. Infact, I've been out of touch from a lot of things. I should really get back, perhaps this year I'd get back to all of it. I hope to. :)

SO. You guys update me with what's been up?! I'm totally over the morbid, anti-social mood, and am all set for all the unanswered texts,calls,emails! How's the weekend going, guys?
Update update updateeeeeeee!
Okay, so it's past midnight, and I'm sleepy. So gnite, World. I shall wake up and ramble tonnes more tomorrow morning :)

Sweet dreams,


  1. sounds like youre having a blast, nil..and the "happy-busy" days are always a good thing!

  2. wow someone having a blast finally and i love that :D

    dont ask my updates just studies studies and more studies and on top my supervisor gave me extra work.....but i dont mind as i got a new sexy lappy and office 2010 rocks :D :P

  3. you are having way too much fun..and i am sure with all your winter wear you must be making one awesomely huggable pink patiala baby :)

  4. Nice to see all this happy happy updates dear... Keep enjoying and have a pleasant winter without any cold and stuff attacking you.

  5. @Scribbling Girl: Haha I love it too! ;)
    Omg really? Well new pinch on the new sexy lappy lady! :D Put up a pictureeeeee =]
    aah! so the office place rocks too, so babe you should be partying all you can! ;)

    @Shiv: I knoww right! :D

  6. @Ujjwal: Haha.. yeah.

    @PinkpatiyalaSis: Awwww! Iloveyou! :)

    @Shaswati Di: Yeap yeap tonnes more comin' up! :)

  7. @Banu: Thanks love! haha yeah I guess the winter cold never goes away , does it now!? ;)
    happy winters :)

  8. Great week! May you have many more to come.

  9. busy days are good, you dont get time to think of all the silly things that are going around :)

    good to see you have all the funnn


  10. Sure thing!:)...
    and thank you so much Bikram!

  11. sounds like so much has happened--and so many good things. i love that for you! glad you are over the morbid stuff. :)


  12. Aww thanks love :-)
    It's always such a pleasure to see you here!

  13. 'Crazy week' sums up our situation lately, no? Congrats again on the Ramjas award. And glad you enjoyed the rest of your week too !


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