Saturday, November 13, 2010

From a forgotten writer.

  From a forgotten writer

They say the days of fame are over for me,
I have grown old to the pen that was once my slave.
They say my verses are grey now,
my writing isn't living and awake anymore, as it used to be..
It sleeps. 

I see so many pseudo writer boys now..
all of them dazzle...dazzle to the flashes of the cameras.
The emotion to sign is resigned to an expensive Parker,
while the old fountain pens are forgotten...

I lived an era,
an era long enough to truly find readers.
Readers for whom literature doesn't end..
Readers for whom writers like us begin.

From a forgotten writer,
to a remembered world..
cheers to you,
cheers to you for abandoning my words,
for else, I would have never seen the evidence of the ones who truly remember.

Thank You, World.
You are too big, for me to exist.
And too small,
to engulf me.



  1. The last two stanzas stole the show. :)

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  3. This is nice, it's been a while since you wrote something like this, I particularly liked the first and the third verse the most. Really. :)

  4. "Thank You, World.
    You are too big, for me to exist.
    And too small,
    to engulf me. "


    Great lines, there. :)

  5. @Shiv: Thanks love :)

    @Ujjwal: I'm glad. Thank you :)

    @Arjit: Thank you so much! Hope you visit soon.

  6. I like the last three lines a lot. I really hope you stumble upon inspirational things every now and then...and that the "isn't living and awake anymore" is but a dormant phase...

    Who's oRange?

  7. lovely weaving of thoughts :) keep it coming!

  8. Wowwwwie this poem spoke so much to me much that i cant even express, somethings which only I know and it made me proud to know such a great writer like u :) doubt u were my best writer and this poem makes my eye shine with pride ....this poem stole my heart literally
    Mwaahz to u for writing this loved it :)

  9. *stands up*




  10. Love it ......... awesome ......
    want to make sure though that you are not thinking of giving up writing :)


  11. Love it ........ AWESOME .....
    Want to make sure though that you are not thinking of giving up writing :)


  12. The last paragraph Nil...
    Is brilliant...
    Stays with you hauntingly even after the aroma of the poem has faded:-)

  13. i dont know if u hav read the poems of rabindranath tagore..especially those of his last days...dey had this forgotten glory like this one...a despise not for the world but a despise for the past and the flimsiness of it...

    "from a forgotten writer,
    to a remembered world" my fav line!!!

  14. How sweet! I love it... Really!

  15. @Zlaek: Thank you,so much :) I sure do hope the same for myself!
    oRange* is Sim :) .. She told me you were great friends with her!

    @hAAthi: Thanks love! Shall do :)

  16. @Scribbling Girl: I ADORE YOU. You should seriously know that. Like for sure! You make my day and I'm NOT kidding when I say that! You're much too kind, but thank you so much for appreciating me unconditionally.
    Sooooo much looovvee!


    Thankyouuuuuuu! =)

  17. @Didi: With amazing people like you around, there is NO way one can give up anything at all :) Thank you so much didi!
    much much love!

    @Suruchi: I'm so so so glad! That's what I hope for.. that the words remain even after the readings over. Your compliments only make me go a step closer to what I dream of. Thank you :)

  18. @PinkPatiyalaSis: You know I love you right :D

    @Priyanka: Thaaan-k-you soo much =)

    @TBG: thankyou thankyou! :)

  19. @buckingfastard: I've read most of Tagore's work.. he's one of my favs. And yeah I know what you mean. I'm rather flattered for my poem to have been compared to one of those, even though I'm absolutely not worthy of it. Thank you :)

    @Everyone: It sure does keep me going to see all of you taking out the time to give me a critique and your generous appreciations to my work. THANK YOU so much,guys! It really does mean a lot to me :)
    So much love,
    Nil :)

  20. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGgg. CHERRR. The blog looks ADORABLE! and omg the poem. like marry me already? i mean omg like HOW? just HOW d'you manage all this hey! this was gorgeous cherry =)
    Listen, call me.

    (P.S- i think we're going to rajasthan sometime soon. will let you know soon okay? ily)

  21. Mrrrrrrrrreenaaaaaaaaaleeeeeeeeeeennnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D HELLO there.
    I'm sorry about not answering on Gmail. my gmail was screwed today for reasons known to the cyber world and surely not me.
    THANKYOU :) I love you too, and you make my day. THATS ALL.
    Im in a happy mood. I have no idea why. Call you?! Woman. I dont even own the credit to call locals :/
    I'll call you once dad gets back okay? from his phone >:D
    I shall go now and reply to your gmail. FOR SURE.
    Okay. Mail. NOW!

  22. wow! thats heavy writing~! beautiful.. n uess wat.. I LOVED it! =))

  23. @Nil - my first visit to your blog. Your writing is neat. About this blog - let the words scatter and the alphabets roll over beyond the horizon - you exist within and without you... :)

  24. @Stuti: Thanks babes! :)

    @Shaswati Di: Hi! Glad to see you here. Thank you so much, hoping to see more of you around :)

  25. It's a good thought and a good poem. And like the others said, the last two stanzas were the best.


  26. "They say my verses are grey now,
    my writing isn't living and awake anymore, as it used to be..
    It sleeps."

    A writer(sartre) thus expressed the sentiments of all "individuals" worth the name- "the other is hell"


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