Saturday, June 30, 2012

What you want to hear, what I want to say.

Just how have y'all readers been? Yes, it's been a while. The month of June has been an erratic sketch of ridges and troughs, but we shall ALL take a moment now and thank it for the perfect end, yes? 
After much ado, life is finally, finally good. I made it to one of the best colleges in Delhi University (!!!) and college starts in a month. Orientation Day is on 20th July, oh and might I mention I'm on my toes.
The professors are absolute sweethearts and the kids are different shades of fun and intellect. I absolutely LOVE the college campus! University Feeeeel at its BEST. The colleges is a typical old school, red bricked building () with loooong corridors with ample sunshine and pretty green fields here and there. I'm yet to see the library, shall do on orientation day =)  
Travelling is going to be well, tiring. But it's worth it, so hey. What the hell. 

Anyhoo, in latest news- It was ze Beedles's birthday on 28th. So after screwing up her dress, ensuring she lost her pair of brand new contacts and hogging on a strange yummaayy mix of Chinese and South Indian we figured we'd push off for home when the sentimental Jack in us kicked. You see the education hungry was to run away to Bombay today to become a hot shot lawyer and jazz. So we figured one last sleepover was due, and thus sleepover we did. The night was spent lying around on the couch calling old stories at each other and munching on crackles with pickles (*keyboard stops working with all the drool on it.) 
Some fart jokes and a few heart-to-hearts pretty much sums up the night. 
I'm going to miss you, dipshit. AND THAT PHOTOGRAPH MUST BE PINNED TO YOUR PINBOARD AT ALL TIMES. Okay? OKAY? Yeah, okay. 

In other news, I be going for a trip! To the hills with 3 of my favoritestestest homez. Should be fun, but hey, I'm not saying nothing till it actually happens. So yes, shushh about the excitement. (*silently screams like a happy little girl)

Other than that, I'm figuring ways of ditching out of a dance show. I want some time off from absolutely everything and chill out some. These 20 days before college starts must be spent judiciously doing everything awesome. OH AND BIRTHDAY MONTH IS ALMOST HERE. :O I have no clue if I'm doing anything or not but ehh. Must figure out soon :|
And ofcourse, Piyushsterrr going on about some surprise he has in mind for ze birthday does not help my excitement levels ^.^  (If you're reading this Pickles, TELL ME ALREADY.) Oh, and don't go? Please? Thanks.

Moving on, fill me in with what's up with y'all? How's the weather at your end? (small talk. FAIL.) How's everything been? Who died? Who lives? Oh, and apologies to have not been around much and throwing in my comments. The college scene had the best of me the past month. But I shall stalk you guys right up and catch up. Mails to be answered by the weekend, promise :)


Oh, and random photo update-

Yes, my room happens to be very pretty.

retard picture 9384948. Pickes clicked!

Yeah, okay. I'll go now =) 
Muchings of lovin'

P.s- Fiction, soon enough. Yes, very very very soon!


  1. Dafuq I want your robot! And hi! I'm pretty sure that Ivy Blue lives, she reminds me of a black Harry Potter (more fail at small talk).

    Ng'awhh you're growing up (I feel like a proud parent for no reason whatsoever). Is that Smirnoff in your bedroom?! LOLOL we'd have such similar rooms.

    1. ZEEEEBAAA! Hi. Take my robot. Small talk fails usually works, so PASS =)

      YES. I be growin' up like a puma. And no, that made no sense but hey, small talk fail be Win Win.
      That's an Absolut, but I get your point :D

  2. Ayyee your room is so pretty! And congratulations on Hindu. Yeah, the campus is definitely awesome =D

    1. Banerjeeeeeee, thanks :D Bigster congratulations to you, too!
      WOHOOOO. College shall be killz bro.

  3. Oye Bhattachar'jee' CONGO on the college. too good I say! Green fields and corridors- CHECK :D

    Too much with the robot, it's so darn cool. HAVE fun in the hills!


    1. Haha thaaaaaaaaaaaanks Sammmmmmaayy :*

  4. Varry nice to hear that, Nilanzana DeeDee.

    Ole they varry bayst! o(^_^)o

  5. Yayyyyyyyyyyy to college time , One of the best days of my life and I am sure yours will be tooo.. Jsut make sure you have LOTS of fun and enjoy the days and offcourse STUDY tooo... future depends on it all .. ok ok enough of lecture he he he he :)

    and have fun on the holiday to the hills where are you going


  6. Congrats for getting into a good place and all the best for your future....waiting to hear more about the trip that excites you so much :-) and write the fiction stuff soon :-)

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, yes. Fiction is up next, for sure :)

  7. Nil! :)
    The comments tell me you got into Hindu! :) That's my college, I graduated last year. Trust me when I say you're gonna have THE time of your life here. It's an *awesome* place to be. :D
    Many many congratulations!!! :) :)

    1. Wooohhoooo! Thank you, considering you're from Hindu, it's muchhhhh comforting hearing it from you. Haha thanks bunches :D

  8. Glad to see you becoming a fellow Hinduite... Which course? Campus is magical indeed. Some of my best days were in the Ibtida Lawns, RS (Reference Section of the Library) and Foyer. Have a blast!


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