Saturday, June 2, 2012

Joyous June, Day 2!

Greetings and yells to the world!
The following post is for Kanika's blog month's marathon Joyous June! Since she's been one helluva enthusiast with absolutely gorgeous inspirations all of February and now June, us fellow bloggers have no highway but to get inspired. So here's the inspiration followed by my post on it :)

You know that feeling when you've been sleeping for a really long time encouraging a fantastic dream along with; when you suddenly wake up and you don't quite really remember the dream but that latent feeling of happiness or a buzz of sort stays within you? You run your errands and function like a human being daily, however it feels like a haze, a timid scurry; when reality in general feels uncannily fictitious just cause you're so disoriented. The voices around you make you feel like a radio head, and the images ahead look filtered, with tints of photoshopped colors.

Midst scattered coteries, your center of gravity feels zeroed down to the 'V' your feet form. Contentious arguments, vociferous at them- reach your ear lobes which have agreed to selective hearing, only. Thus, even little remarks create reverberation around your understanding. You're as aware as a rabbit's right ear; perked up, however when you try and focus on an object/person/sound- you feel high and vulnerable. You lose your balance, while perfectly sober and well fed.

And then, you leave. To resume that dream that unconsciousness would find.

Much loving,
Nil. :) 


  1. I have such vivid dreams due to medication that I want to forget them in the morning.

    Have a wonderful week-end.

  2. usually after waking up from my sleep i had a habit of tracing out my dreamzz... some play hide and seek in my mind :) but some times some weird dreams which is not so clear keeps us happy for the whole day :) :) nice post yaar :)

  3. Yes, yes, yes. I do, but then, I go to sleep again and alas, the dream is already through.
    I missed the ticket, should have pulled the sheets, tucked the edges under my stomach and returned to watch the dream resume and evolve, while it lasted.

    Beautifully done.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. I never really paid so much attention post the dream. :|
    I feel blank. It feels like a story without an ending..or the dream is still on, but I am not a part of it!


  5. puchka daroon likhechis. Haven't been around, but what happens to the weekend little darling? party ta toh baki tomar phata phati result'er na ki :-)

    1. HI hottie mashi! Thank you :) About the weekend! Hobey hobey, pakkkka hobey. Let me get done with all the college mess and I promise aami tomar barite tent lagiye boshe jaabo :))

    2. sheta je tui koto din dhore bolchis. dada kemon achey? aar college should be your last worry now :-)

    3. Dada is much better now. And haha believe me, if that was the case, I'd spare you all the whining! :P

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