Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BOO, stupid MOO.

I have always, always wanted to drive an auto. As in zoom away like a boss in full speed, y'know? Wear those cheap golden framed aviators with a wide ass grin and scoot around the city. And fixing the meter would give me cheap thrills of another kind altogether, I can literally feel it :D
An auto version of Crazy Taxi is what I have in mind (a slightly deranged version, actually) but you get the feel of it, right?  No? Not at all? Well, I'm just too cool to be understood so yeah, whatever.
Uhhuh, yah. That's right, I'm giving you attitude -,-

Obviously you've done the math by now and figured I'm in a sliiightly random mood. And no, it's not sugar. It's probably all the Pepsi binge drinking I've been doing. (Or as Zeebster puts it, high on Oxygen, yes.)
Anyway, so imagine this- I'm in my room, with pretty dim warm fairy lights, a good mood, absolutely killer playlist calling out to me and then the speakers decide to not work. Now, imagine one of those exasperated looking memes you find on the internet going "FFFUUUUUUUUUUU". Yes, that's how gawwjuz I look right now.
OH and Gawjuz reminds me- got a pre birthday gift from Chiki today. Insanely pretty freakishly long feather earrings. I'm slightly obsessed with how loud and downright crazy they look, so excuse me while I go shove a camera into my face and super glue my index finger to the shiny silver click button. Which reminds me, I've always wanted to own a Polaroid camera. And might I also mention, the sound that a camera makes after every click gives me the cheeeaappest thrills. (Some times when I'm bored, I put the camera on Sports Mode and run around the house. But you weren't supposed to know that, no. )
I have a lot of cheap thrills. And pet peeves. Did you know?
Irrelevant. Everything about this post is so irrelevant :D

OH. It fiiiinally rained :') I had the Yabba Dabba Doo face for about a whole minute when I saw them rain gods being generous. And did you know a 75 year old person will have slept 23 years? I want to eat a lot of carrots and see if I actually turn orange. And for all of you who drive- the average person spends about two weeks waiting for a traffic light to change [Now you look like that meme from the internet :D ]
Did you know it's impossible to lick your elbow? Or that if anybody ever calls you a twit, they're actually calling you a pregnant goldfish? (and now you'll imagine one- go ahead)
Oh, and 75% of the general population will try to lick their elbows after having read this. #Fact

I've just been having consecutive good days, OKAY? sheesh, stop judging me. Pfffft. Go JUDGE COWS. They're weird as fuck. Big. White. And they always chew. And they MOO. Who moos? I mean why MOO? Say it out loud- MOO- it doesn't even make sense.
Stoooopid intimidating animals who can't be led downstairs once they're up.

And if you're still reading this, you're obviously equally jobless (and a very cool person.) I'll get along with you just fine.

I'll go watch Youtube videos on the Hula and try to copy them. And air guitar to GnR (that's another secret-ish cheap thrill of mine that I encourage.)
Bye you guys.

Did you know-- ?

Ok, just bye.


  1. Hmmmmmm...Enjoy it while it lasts, I guess :D

  2. I don't know why but it makes me repeat in my head "Switt Chalds of Man". Journalistic randomness, weaved. :)

    1. Hahah journalistic randomness? Those were big words for such tomfoolery :)

  3. YOU! Yes, yes, you! =P
    Go check Facebook request list now!

  4. my!!! You have no idea how wide my smile went while I was reading this. :)
    Now I am singing Nat King Cole like crazy..
    infectious!! :D

  5. Varied Thoughts.
    Well, I just got a Job(presently training) so not jobless :P. Well, it sucks though which is totally another story.

    So many secrets revealed ( :P ) , don't you think?

    1. Woohoo, congratulations on the new job!

      And yes, tsk tsk. Indeed :P

  6. Replies
    1. you're supposed to be one of my favorite people.

    2. Letz go hijack an auto.
      And,aand MOO.

    3. We Diiiiid. Doncha remember? that crazy crazy hot day after Agrasen ki bauli =)
      And BOO.

  7. Did I mention that your post kinda makes me feel famous? Like a miniature Brad Pitt or something.

    I've always wanted to drive a car like they do in Grand Theft Auto. But then they get points for running over prostitutes. Deranged and yet intriguing. Why?!!

    And check out this youtube video that I'm learning currently.

    Hand-dance for the win.


    1. You're nothing less than a miniature Brad Pitt, Brozter.
      "Yo' mah Zeebstaaah" (in the cool accent, GEDDIT?) :P

      HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. "They get points for running over prostitutes". I'm gonna get back to you once I stop cracking up over that for some retarded reason!

      Yesss. I be on my way. Hand-dance is forever Win Win.

  8. Most enjoyable Nil. loved the read.


    1. Oh Yvonne, you're must too kind on my rants!

  9. ohhhoooo..... yaar you made me smile... ahhh what to say... speechless... yea ofcourse am jobless now :P but yaa i love to read what ever you write... loved d random thoughts... :)

    1. Hhahahahahahah. Anjaliii. Speechless for THIS?! Dissing at cows?! Why, you adorable thing! :P

    2. yea.... speechless for this... Exceptions!!!! :P

  10. I read something after long and this :D :D :D :D
    Moooo :P
    You make me super smile always my little genius :D

    I am not really jobless to read but I am sure you get along with me :D :D

    And I love these cool posts :D

    1. Haina? I WROTE something like this after so long :D
      Booooo. :P
      Hahha next post shall be hardcore fiction, pakka. I'll spare you guys the horror of such utmost, useless BS :P

  11. I am not the only one, yaaaay =P
    I want to use the meter too! :D

    High on oxygen? Oh yes!!

    And yesss, it finally rained, yipeedoodledooo! :D weather is cool & all, me loves this! :D

    @Tales of her and by her.

    @Teenage Babblings


    1. Oh honey, you're never alone. Even if it's some stranded island, the earth is rather obsessive over company :P

      Woohhoo. Hi, there. Lovin' that you're going to be around :)

  12. You, my friend, are kind of pretty awesome. And pretty and awesome. And awesomely pretty. And prettily...
    ok this post-exam nothing-to-do is producing the above (true) facts.

    Oh and the rain thingy...I hate you. It was about 50C yesterday and now I don't even try to look at weather reports.

    And I am out of dark chocolate. Kill me.


    1. Amtaraaaa! HELLO there, you. Thrilled I be to see you here!
      Hahahah what niceness you are, yo. :)

      Arrey come to Delhi, easy peasy :D

      Uhoh, this is your cue to run no wait, FLEE to the market bro.

  13. Okay, you're in a good mood, and see, the weather's in good mood too, or maybe, it's the reverse, blaha!

    Nevermind, enjoy!

    And that polaroid camera, I like that clirrrrk sound (okay,not like that :P)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. That is one brilliant theory with a rather twisted answer!
      Thank you :P

      Hahahaha, I get the drift ;)

  14. Soooo mych random stil always fun to read..:):)
    I like it..:)
    i am running out of tym to comment..
    But i totally enjoyed.:)

    I shall keep in touch..

    1. Ankitha! SO good to see you here after so long! Hahah glad you enjoyed this silly banter of mine.

      yes, please do :)

  15. MOO Nil. Interesting read, I don't know what to say other than we have this mutual love for autos. I swear! Keep chillin yo!

  16. Fun to know other people can also be as random as sometimes I tend to be :) Have fun.. and make the most out of this high while it lasts :D

    1. Annnyyeessshhhhaaaa! HELLO, favorite-ness!
      haha you're not alone, believe you me.
      And yep, that's the plan :)

  17. Love the enthu exuded!!!

    And I sooooo know what you mean by the auto version of Crazy Taxi!!


    1. Haha, thrilled to hear you could figure the punch out ;)

  18. hmmm who told you eating carrots one turns orange.. :) so if i eat cabbage i will go green he he he that would be nice different colors ..

    Rain ah well we have plenty of it here in uk ..

    How you doing..


    1. The carrot one is supposed to be a fact, read it up in the internet :O Good for you that it rains, it's rather pricey here!

      I'm doing well, I hope you've been just as awesome :)

  19. Loved reading it .......... No I am not jobless, but Cool I am :)
    enjoyed the read ..... keep it up kiddo .

    1. Hahha! Oh GODDDD Didi, of all the posts, you end up reading this one! I should go hide somewhere :P
      But yes, you're cool. Very very cool at that :)

  20. You write well...wish to have an AUTOgraphed AUTO from you some day ;-)


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