Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stranger meets Stranger.

We sat opposite to each other, the stone cold marble table in between us with the prideful modernized menu which used to be laughed upon and ignored, earlier. But tastes change with circumstances, and so be it, today the menu was consulted and given due importance.
'Experiments.', I smiled.

The conscious train of conversations commenced, pouring out hues of nostalgia over the subtle smiles that hid a million words, that hid the curiosity to know some more about a life that used to be known so well, and by heart. With a perpetual guard of safe topics, our conversation complimented with unusual silence that spoke so much about an obvious gap, a break. It made us uncomfortable, and so another pointless fact from the environment around was noticed, brought into light and spoken about with ridiculous enthusiasm.
Quiet hints interspersed the pretentious repartee, sudden moments when we let our guards down and acknowledged the thousand memories we wove under the hot sun of May.
I noticed, the twinkle in his eyes was gone, and my talkative tongue resided to sweet slumber.

"Where do you go to my lovely,
when you're alone in your bed,
tell me the thoughts that surround you,
I want to look inside your head, yes I do.." , the juke box laughed in irony.

Fragments of conversation floated flirtatiously to the smell of coffee beans in the coffee house. And when it was time to go home, we rose, leaving our respective chairs unperturbed from their original places, between the cold coffee table, for them to have a wooden laugh and carry on their conversation about two strangers who met here, became one and then left as strangers, again.



  1. thats life i guesss... we meet and part nd then we think ..

    what cud be ..


  2. The moment of truth comes into picture later, doesn't it?
    You wrote well. :)

  3. how do u make sense Nil, with such brevity?
    you take us with you in each story:-)

    This one's so naaaaaiiiicceee!!!
    Yeh itna sahi hai ki I refrained from commenting in English which is what I pretty much ALWAYS do. :)
    Awesomeness, lady.

  5. @Bikram: Yes, indeed :-)

    @No Cuts No Glory: Exactly! It always comes into light later....
    Thank you so much :-)

  6. @Suruchi: You, my love, ALWAYS make my day. It's for a feedback like that from my readers that I dont stop! :)
    Thank you so much, Suruchi

    @Manta: Mantaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! eifbidfnbcdhsawdhsquoehguefncjn! That made my day TOO. Haha yes, so much for your sophistication and obsession with the language, but aw thanks kiddo :) Glad you liked this, I am :-)

  7. @Manta:
    P.S- check your facebook, I've written something super.. uh. nice.For you.

  8. Sometimes, a little talk gives way to the dam of emotions that have been locked up and just when the defenses are down, it breaks through.

    But, strangers weren't strangers before, at some time I guess. Maybe they'll be better after a while. :)

    Nice story, over a cup of coffee.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. Maybe,just maybe they'll meet after a while......... it's a small world after all :-)

    And thank you so much, I'm so glad you liked it :-)

  10. Been there done that! Loved how you put the experience across. Beautifully woven :)

  11. You're a really good writer. You express so well. Actually felt sad about the two people in the story!

  12. loved the tone of the story...there was a sense of bygone that added to the melancholy of a simple meeting of a simple love story wich is never simple for those two :)..poetic is the word


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