Friday, June 10, 2011

I run away to Howrah.

Hello there, World!
I'm sorry to be updating like a retard, but honestly, so much has been up this Summer, and with me boycotting Delhi almost the whole of summer, I think bloggerville needs some explanation too :P
Oh and did I tell you lot I got a nose pierce?

So tomorrow, I'm off to Calcutta- yes, my much awaited trip.. My cousins (read: the party animals) are there already, waiting to receive me early morning at the airport =) I'm going to be gone for 10 days so brace yourselves for the insane memoir I'm going to write once I get back!
I've been waiting to go since about two years.. earlier,for other reasons, now- for different reasons. But I'm going all the same :-) I can't wait to see Hugli, to experience the night outs at Tantra, to have Beduin's fish chops, to sip on 'lebon tea', to go to College Street and buy tonnes of books and shoot there, I'm going to meet an oldddddd friend at the Coffee House (could it get better? ;)  and he has promised me to take me to a couple of places that are apparently out of bounds? Anyhow. Oh and my darling sister's there too, on her toes- waiting to get started on the catching up and shopping, while my metal head brother's promised us every night at Some Place Else with music that gets you high and makes you forget everything and most importantly, everybody.
This trip is going to be it. I can feel it. This trip is going to be exactly what I need to do away with every negative element in my body, and I'm going to come back as a fresher and newer person. A much happier person.

So while I go and pack my bags for the best ten days of my life, I want you guys to have a look at the last two fiction posts as I know I haven't given you guys enough time to do so considering I'm updating almost every day.
I promise to write about my City Of Joy as soon as I'm back!  Take care, my lovely readers! 153 Followers! I think I just hit heaven :-)

-Love and travel bags,
Yours only,
Nil. :-)


  1. HAve fun and enjoyyyyyyy and dont do anything that I wont do ...
    and yes will read the posts toooo ...
    take care


  2. Um,sure. Thanks for the wishes,
    cheers :)

  3. where did you get the nose piercing from?! i have to go too :)

  4. Wow wow wow :)

    Nose pierce look so sexy on u darling...i have been waiting to get one but dont know if it will suits the on off goes on forever....i so want it seeing urs :D

    And what vacations ur having darling...enjoy to a hit :D

    Me have been so off blogger that i hardly realize but come back and update soon we love ur fictions :) mwaah :)

  5. thats great! welcome to Kolkata! The weather is quite humid and sultry in here at the moment but i'm sure it won't affect your schedule!
    Something you should try out... spend a night on the terrace... its awesome! there will be the occasional cool breeze and now and then you may catch a glimpse of blue lightning tear the sky apart! ... i'm sure you will love it!

  6. i luv the nose piercing!! :D

  7. have fun on your trip--i think you're going to have a great time. and i think it's wonderful that you have a nose piercing because it really suits you, Nil!


  8. Late comment, but a happy one :)
    Cheers Nil! Enjoy your trip and I truly hope it'll be the best you've had so far. Your description sounds awesome and I hope the trip will be too.

    And yes, I LOVED both the fiction posts...waiting to hear more from you when you get back!

  9. have fun :D
    aand the piercing suits you :)

  10. nose piercing is looking good :)

  11. Wonderful writing..wonderful canvas :)

  12. Hello dear readers!
    Thank you for your lovely comments and feedback. Well, I'm back in town and so an update post coming up soon. Thank you for the wishes and being around on my page :-)

    Catch you all in the next post real soon,
    your's truly,
    Nil :-)


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