Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The month of May.

No, my blogpost title isn't that because it's May, it's because I wrote a fiction piece called The month of May and I CAN'T FIND IT. I wrote three short stories on paper, and now those nine pages are missing from my room and I couldn't be more annoyed.
Anyhow. This weekend was pretty okay, better than the last two sad weekends. I went out for a shoot to Hauz Khas on Saturday, and finally had lunch at Gunpowder, a place I had wanted to go for so long! My cousin was over, so she and I had our own little ball on Sunday. We went lunatic shopping, that ended with a movie with aaalll the brothers and a late night return back home :-)  Not to mention the predicted crapped up Geography paper the next day, but oh well, it was inevitable, and I couldn't give a damn anymore.

So my first round of exams are over! And school gives over in less than three days....and then. Trust me, the kind of wild laughter that's ringing in me, if only you guys could hear it too, you'd know what I mean!
It's giving me a hard time to realize the fact that this is the last summer vacation of my school life. Sure, I've abused school enough in the past fourteen years, but now that I'm left with a tiny 6-month tenure in it.. I realize I've been such a fool :|  But then I'm also excited about college, very excited actually. But hell, even the thought of not having my retarded group of friends around is just appalling. They've been such an umbrella to everything since I can even remember. But anyway.. leaving that aside for a blogpost on the day of my farewell, I shall come back to summer break :P

So yes, this vacation- I plan to make it memorable. I don't want to be sleeping every day, I plan to sleep till late every alternative day :P Most of May I won't be here, I'm going to Orissa with a couple of friends from school for a week long workshop where the most eminent cultural artists from around India will be coming! Yes, that's another biggg news I shall share with all of you later, it's going to take up some time :P But in short- It's something I'm really looking forward to and I'm crazy excited about it!
Then comes June. I plan to stay for Vanta's birthday and then leave for Calcutta for a good three weeks! And then come back in time for Remya's birthday :*
Considering I've been ranting about Cal on my blog since about two months, you guys must be fairly acquainted with my plans :P  So yes. They're all fixed and good to go! Some Place Else shall see my face very soon and quite often- as promised by a die hard Cacuttian ;)

So anyhow, I should probably go now. What a pleasure it is to ditch school, wake up so late and then find your tiny niece to be home :) So I shall take your leave now, readers. I'm working on a bunch of fiction now that I'm going to be absolutely free for another two months! So brace yourselves :D

Oh and here's a photo I clicked in Hauz Khas. It was just so cheerful and something that would remind me of good times! So I wanted to put it up. Hope you guys like it :)

Ciao, Tuesday people. Ditch office with a half day, y'all ;)



  1. Hey, you better dig up those nine pages else we all would be missing something that i am sure would be great! :) :)

    Sigh! This reminded me a LOT of my summer vacations in school. Hmmm...anyway, enjoy your last one with the fullest! :)

  2. Wowww....Im 1st, I guess for the 1st time here! :D


  3. i am going home in another half an hour..enough of ofc for a tuesday noon

  4. @Meera: Trust me I'm digging in deeper than ever to try n find those stories! :( And aww that cheered me up! Thanks love :-)
    Haha I know right? vacations and school.. aah..
    And aww yaayyy, you're firstttttttt ;)

    @Sister: hahha that's the spirit! hugsss!

  5. Speaking of the tiny niece, how is the little sweetheart doing?

  6. I bestow you with this blog award cos I think ur blog is awesome. U totally deserve this :) http://samrandomrants.blogspot.com/2011/05/first-blog-award.html

  7. @Eesha: Oh the tiny lil baby is doing just fine. Drop in some time over the weekend and we can crash didi's place together :)

  8. @Sam: Heyy! Thanks soo much for the award! Wow, that was good news. Am humbled :)

    @S: :-)

  9. Mesho and and I plan to visit Kol in June too. Do mail me your dates dearie :-)

  10. Hae? That would be AWESOME then! Phaantaataazticc! Yes yes, I will mail you the dates ASAP! Not too sure about them yet, prolly first week of June itsself. But I'll mail you as soon as I get them. :D

  11. Sorry for the rather late comment :|
    Exams over and vacations here, yay! Cheers to your plans, they sound great!
    And yes, the photo really is beautiful and cheerful :)
    Can't wait to read all the upcoming fiction...

    Oh, and you need to visit my blog. That's three poems without your comments :( (But considering the long posts in between, I suggest you skip straight to the posts with poems in the title)

  12. Wow Wow Wow :) Vacations do that to me :D

    But this vacations i have like deadline work to be done :(

    Neways had a writers block so missssssssed readddding u gal :)

    I blogged in hindi a bit so i can start writing again ...do read :)

    And keep blogging :)

  13. @Charu: Yesssssss.. vacations are finally on! and aw yeap, shall put up the fiction soon :)
    and damn I'm so sorry to have been absent from your blog! I will check them out first thing tomorrow morning for sure. :)

    @Scrib Gal: oooooh hindi?! sounds interesting, yes yes, shall check it out for sure! and heyy dont get sqint faced for the deadlines,love. Beat them, I know you can B)
    Love :)


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