Monday, May 16, 2011

It's a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.

Doing a million things that you might do well in, grabbing every oppourtunity that might lead you to a peak a little higher than the last one, striving to keep up with the rat race that starts the minute you open your eyes in the morning,accepting your faults and short coming to perfect yourself some more, and keeping yourself as busy as you can just so you can get over some stuff and encourage yourself to get going with the present to have a sound future- yes. All of this does leave you gasping for some air. And for a break.
And do you know where does that break reside? It resides in five wicked ladies. For of who make you get up at 6am on the first day of your summer vacation, travel half way across delhi in a metro to go hoot for a fantastic performance by one of those ladies who stun you with thier performance and then follow up to two days that have everything- from sleep, to cold coffees, to hours of chat, to pool side parties, to dinner, to fights, to honest talks, to laughs, to photographs and malls, and then a ride back on the metro half way across delhi- all in one weekend.

This weekend was the mother of all weekends and I shall remember it for as long as women live on this planet. Hell, the past three months have been so crazy.. So many things hit me, so many confessions, so many decisions, and so many dilemmas. So many things ended. But I guess so many things started too,right? I let go off a million things, sat down and threw away every complexity that reached me. I just decided to not bother about anything and everything that was screwing me up somewhere and I decided to start afresh. And the first step was to smile and do what makes Me happy. Things are slowly falling back to place, but there's something so fantastic about this erratic person in me. Of this person who isn't a phone person anymore, who likes to walk, who likes to make quick plans, and who doesn't regret any thing.
But it sure is tiring,too. To be in a constant war with every element that might want to make me turn around and imbalance my run... and sigh. Aren't we all blessed to have these certain faces that suddenly pop out of nowhere and plan out the wildest weekend to just godamn have fun and catch up on six months of bullshit?

So yes. My weekend was murderously wondrous! And to you ladies- Rem, Monx,Megh and Shrey. You guys made my month! and I swear, this weekend was more than enough for me to pass the next few weeks worrying about nothing and saying What the hellll to ever screw up :P
I love you craaaazy women :*

-- Much much love,
Nil/Bongo/Nilzi/Nila. ;)


  1. Wow someone is having fun already :)

    Love the vibrancy of the pics :)

    Keep enjoying sweetheart :)


  2. Oh you bet I am! Aww thanks love! YOU have fun too okay.

    Love :-)

  3. I too need a break, like badly

  4. @hAAthi: Hell yes! :D

    @Anon: You go girl! get one! :D

  5. Wow. Keep having fun. Enough said ;)

  6. Wowo.. all that fun .. Makes me miss the good old days .. with friends and all .. Enjoy and have tons of funnnn


  7. Wooah! You really are having a lot of fun huh? Lucky holidays start from the first. OF JUNE -.-

  8. Aww, I love the way you've written this post :)

  9. waah waah..u are such a lucky girl to have such friends...and yes,screw all the rock any which way and let the imbalances sit on the middle finger n spin...

    we become as happy as we try to be:-)

  10. yeah don't worry about the small stuff, Nil. your weekend was definitely great. but maybe you can sleep in next weekend. i wish i were on vacation!

  11. I need a vacation. What with the calculus and vectors I'm stuck with :(

  12. Thanks you guys! We all sure do love vacations!
    So wish you guys a fantaaaaaastic summer! Screw office, ditch classes, put on shorts (NO JEANS PLEASE) and run out you crazy child! ;)

    cheers and clear skies,
    Nil :)


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