Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wild and flawed.

A perfect isolation, a perfect sculpture, a perfect skin, a perfect language, a perfect person.

What a waste. :) 

What's isolation without the anxiety of interference?
What's a sculpture without a missing angle to think more about the artist?
What's skin without the signs of youth or age?
What's language without tongue twisters that make you smile?
What's a person without accepting a perfect blend of flaws and perfection with love? What's a perfect person worth if you can't feel a human touch? 

I adore flaws, I adore wild. For perfection is something that I might appreciate but rather not have. Not by the world's definition, no.  For perfection to me is a mosaic with just enough colors to confuse me and help me think straight. Perfection, to me, is a hue that lasts just long enough for me to want to remember it as long as my mind allows and my heart enjoys. Perfection to me is a mad glint of brilliance and innocence on an uncared face which still commands respect.
For perfection, to wild and flawed. Very very flawed. :) 



  1. like. like. like.
    Yes, it got me high...

  2. Wild and flawed.

    AWESOME! :)
    The title's the best part!

  3. Nice thought. And likeable too. :)

    Somehow, I kept thinking of tigers while reading it.

  4. @Remya: ...and I'm glad about that :-)

    @Freak Brother: Haha yeah? thanks!

  5. @Charu: Thankyou! lol tigers......can relate to that, yes!

    @Priyanka: Thanks babe :-)

  6. "Perfection doesn't have the human quality of making mistakes..." (We're such clones)

    My favorite line :
    What's a perfect person worth if you can't feel a human touch?

  7. what a great post. i definitely agree with you on this. and i find it amusing that your post is about perfection, and i just wrote a movie review of Black Swan, which is also about trying to be perfect and how it is a waste. :)

  8. Thanks guys! Glad you agree with me :-)

    Hell wild and flawed is AWESAAAAM! :D

  9. Perfection is so damn boring darling and u conveyed it perfectly :)


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