Thursday, December 23, 2010

I like to sleep like a log.

Good morning, World. I woke up a bit back and I slept like a frikkking LOG today! After a very long time. Hardly got any sleep last night, so I figured I'd sleep in the sick room in school........but when you have an annual day in a week, the teachers are on the hunt for office bearers. Try coming in sometime during the annual preps, students with badges almost look like slaves being sold in the auditorium to the smartest of teachers. And no, I'm not trying to be funny.
Anyhooo. Coming back to sleeping like a log. I've never been the sort to sleep in the afternoons.. Irrelevant.

Okay so I don't remember studying in school in the past....two weeks? Cause that requires being in class which is a criteria I'm most opposed to when you're given the opportunity to "work" for the grand annual day preps. (LOL grand my rear). But the rehearsals are crazy fun. Today morning was EPIC. The drama teacher's pretty much never been real-life in his whole career, cause his normal self is so effing melo dramatic!
Speaking of which, mind you, I'll be dancing in the beaches of Goa when our Grand Annual Day is executed. I'm just merely helping.
YES. Oh yes, hate me some more darlings, I shall be in Goa in a weeeeeeeeeek! :D 
I've had bloody enough of Delhi, and so I resigned to the beach which is the ultimate feel-good runaway. (had enough of mountains this year!).. I can't even WAIT to be there in the middle of a nice beach, a nice hat, shades, naariyal paani, and a good read!
I can taste heaven already =D

I'm really looking forward to 2011. Cause I'll be off for a trip again in the very first week with school friends. Considering it's my last trip in school life, I'm pretty damn sure there's going to be some Major partying, ladies and gentlemen. And theennnn, I shall come back only to start afresh and hope that year '11 will be better than 2010. I mean not that 2010 was bad, but surely not what I'd preferred. Anyhow, that's alright. I'll be in 12th grade in about six months, or less actually. Yay? maybe not. I'm looking forward to it anyway. 11th was kinda... laid back? really REALLY laid back. I mean sure there was a lot to work for, but 12th grade's going to sort of be.. a bigger push to work on something and kick some ass, if you know what I mean?

Yes, I ramble a lot when I wake up. A LOT.

okay it's about to be 11 and I shall go back to sleep now and look forward to the Delhi trippy that's due tomorrow : )

Gnite, World.
Peace out.


  1. Have fun in Goa. We;'re off to Jim Corbett :)

    Merry Christmas in advance


    Haha this totally reminded me about the series I will start on my blog about embarrassing pictures of know you have one where you're sleeping with your mouth open in the backseat of a tata safari?


  3. I want to go to Goa toooo!! WTH? :/
    Lol, the picture is so cool :P

  4. First off, love the pic :)

    Goa? WOW. But we'll have fun on the trip.

    Oh yeah, annual day. Think I should write a post on that. Such an EPIC, GRAND event deserves to commemorated in the blog world, no? :D

    Yeah, 12th better be AWESOME. Last school year after all!

    Last thought: enjoyed the post

  5. ghumio ghumio ghumio ghumio...

  6. Thanks, guys!

    and hAAthi! would loveee to. Although my stay is going to be pretty short, mail me your contact number, yeah ? wil try n work something out :)

  7. Enjoy ur school trip....we friends still remember our 12th standard trip as the best trip we took :)
    Enjoy and have fun.....happy new year sweetheart :)

    Special thanks to u in my blog :)

  8. so how were the holidays did u have fun ...

    and you had ur reasons of staying away from class I had mune you see i was a OUTSTANDING student in school ... always STANDING OUT of the class for some reason of the other .. the teachers jsut loved me ...



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