Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The nervous lady in Orange, the lil kid with Nerdy specs and the crappy Airhostess.

Okay, so the first person I spoke to once I sat down on the waiting chairs after the Security Check in was this nervous looking lady in Orange.
So unlike me, she failed to project that she was absolutely fine and confident about it flying alone.
I asked her is she was flying to Chennai as well, she replied me with a shrill "Yes!".
The kind of a shrill voice when people try to sound steady when they're extremely nervous and anxious about something.

I didn't want to make her any further tensed, So I looked away.

"Are you travelling in Flight No. E6 823?" She asked after 10 minutes.
Before I could manage a panic attack that I was the wrong terminal [!!]-- She quickly tallied her ticket to mine and said in extereme relief -- which she tried to disguise ofcourse-- that we were on the same flight.
After about 15 seconds of confused numbness and fear of missing my flight, I realized that she hadn't memorised her flight number and had said "Flight no. E6 823" intead of "Flight no. 6E 283" !

The lady recieved some phone call later -- Just about 5 mins before boarding-- and by the dialect in which she spoke- I could figure out she wasen't really very expreienced in English- Forget flying alone.

I noticed her asking the Indigo fellow twice if it was the right flight she was boarding, even though she was in the same terminal as me,in the same que and had already checked with me once.
Boy- She was nervous. And the cold sweat on her neck spoke in that case.

But, see that's how it is , right?
Some of us are capable of hiding our fears and acting confident and tall to the world. And some of us, even on trying with all our might fail to do so.
Doesn't matter if we have the same issues or not.

When I got into the aircraft, I saw the lady sitting on the very first seat of the aircraft -- with a window seat. [Not the best seat for a person travelling for the first time on air and to add it on; alone].

I wished her luck in my mind,
And moved ahead to get to my seat.

And here, her story ends.


THE LITTLE BOY WITH THE NERDY SPECS was spotted by me just when I was super bored in the flight, and was desperate for it to take off.
This little fellow, saw the hot airhostess shutting the luggage cabins above us..
So with "jawaani ka josh" -- with quite difficulty and pretty much struggling on his seat [thanks to his height] tried reaching the cabinet above him and finaly managed to shut it close. After achieving such a tremendous goal [!] he flashed a dazzling proud smile at the airhostess- which sadly enough-- she did not even notice ; His smile or his efforts . . . :(
But the funny part was, that even after such an ignorance , the boy was pretty content and listened to the airhostess with big wondering eyes while she gave the instructions to the fellow passangers.

It's amazing how Lil kids are so free of ego and always let other people talk and gladly listen to them with rapt attention-- which is not really the case anymore once we grow up.
Well. Not always ofcourse.

Anyway, after listening to the airhostess he sat down and went back to his gaming machine. . Occasionaly smiling at the sky outside.


"Hey can you please help me with my rucksack?" I asked cheerfully to her once I reached my seat.
"Nooo... I can't ma'am. They actually let you carry that as cabin baggage?!" She replied with the FAKEST and ANNOYING smile on the makeup dabbed face of her's.
"Yes, they do actually." I replied coldly.
"I'll manage it , Thank you. Just manage your makeup". Saying this I closed the case.

When I came to think of it, people like this chick are the people we negotiate with almost every 2nd day. And the weirdest part is, they are the ones that help us to actually build ourselves up-- Bold, upright and strong.

These girls [In other cases men] with dabbed makeup, cold smiles and even colder words teach us to face everything head on.

And after a lot of thinking ...
I'd say -- Thank you!!



  1. Wowww :)
    I liked the first one the best, but I like the other two as well. :D

  2. Haha, Thank you:)

    Boy, I blogged after LOOONG

  3. I liked the second one best. The other two really showed the varied types of humans we keep meeting :D

  4. Thanks dear.. Yes, indeed. Travelling is the best way to meet diff people. and figure out how differnt or similar we are!


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