Monday, June 29, 2009

The illiterate man.

Another one, while I was getting bored:)


The illiterate man

He stood up from his desk,
after finishing the last report.
He sat in the cab,
reading his newspaper.

In silence,he gulped in
each and every word-
and left once he reached,
without reading the cab driver's smile which said "Good day".

His wife greeted him with a kiss,
which he shrugged and left.
His son ran and gave him a hug,
which he never returned.
The dog, stayed just where he was,
as he knew the man too well..
He knew the man possesed no knowledge,
to know what was love.

The illiterate man went back to his study,
and took out the fattest book on Law.
All this while, the wife stood by the door..
Waiting for just a smile.

As soon as dinner was over
he went to bed,
never so much as glancing at his wife,
who lay beside him, waiting.
Waiting, for him to read her love,
just now, just once..

This successful man,
oh what a pity!
was just an unlucky illiterate..

As he never learnt to read.
Read, those smiles of love,
those expressions of care,
those hugs of expectations..

He was an illiterate man,
who never learnt to really read and write life.



  1. love it!!!
    amazing bongo!!
    truly one of da amazing poems u've writtnn...
    man...dis is sooo in da mag...
    nd u didnt evn use any of ur trademark difficult words!!!
    ostentatiously beautiful...

  2. gawd..i cant stop reading it...

  3. Heyy Heyyy Heyy :D
    Woah my friend, I can't handle this biggg head of mine anymore!
    Hahahahah. Thanks a ton Remya :)
    School Mag? Let's see:)

    See you in school!

  4. I love it!
    This is seriously something out of the box, but nice.

  5. Thank you:)
    Really appreciate it!

  6. I LOVE it. Such a great thought. I might've liked it better if it was longer. You know I'm long winded by nature. But this is still a great poem and a great idea. I agree with remya; without the difficult words, this seems so much more simpler and easier to relate to. Great job !!!

  7. Hey dear Charu,
    thanks sooo much ! It's really sweet of you:)
    Yes, I wish it was longer too! Only, had I been bored for a longer time, I would have flipped!
    I hope to see you more on my blog!

    Cheers :D

  8. I'm glad you never met me!! You would have dedicated this post to me!! Except for the successful dude/wife and kids part!! :P

    Much better now... :D

    Good one. Great in fact!! :D

    See you when I see you... :D

  9. Pranav! Hahah.. Lol, no I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have dedicated it to you! I promise :P

    Well, Thanks alot for the compliment:) Appreciate it buddy!

    See youuuu . I have NO clue when .. But for now-- Blogger!

    Cheers! :D

  10. Bitch.
    You said you hardly write anymore.


    THAT poem was HARDLY?!

    Brilliant baby.

  11. Aww. Haha, no man. This was one of those *just* moments ;D


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