Friday, May 1, 2009

My moment of truth.

"Nilanjana, tomorrow I want a box of sweets. I don't eat chocolates".

That's what my English teacher told me before cracking the news.

"You've come 5th all over India for the Scholastic Writing Awards Competition", She said with a smile, which soon turned into a hug.

I was holding on to my breath eversince I saw that naughty smile on Remya's face..
I knew something was up .. I could tell by the way she said "Suman Anand ma'am wants to see you".

From the past few months, it's been crazy hectic ; Finals of 9th, and beginning of Xth.
I had pretty much forgotten wbout this competition. I never thought of myself deserving enough to even come in the top 200..
Top 5 was simply out of question.

But somehow, Deep [Really deep!] down, I held on to something..
Just something; a thin strand of hope, that somehow, my nqame would come in the top 10 of winners.
Now, when I recall that moment, it was a very weird feeling after I got to know what I had achieved.
The feeling was definately ecstatic.. But.. Unbelievable.
Too good to be true.
After about 5 minutes of complete suprise, Remya came and congratulated me with a complimentary hug:)
I could see she was happy for me. She was as excited as I was.
Which made me feel really great, cause no offence to anybody.. But.. It's become really hard to find people who actually WANT to be happy for you. And who actually acknowledge that "Dude, You desrved it".
In today's world, it's become more of a phoney ; "OMG! Im like, Sooooo happy for you sugar! Mwah mwah! Hugz!!".
And then, the moment you turn around, they roll their eyes and say "Whatever".
Im sorry incase Im being a pessimist, but that's reality buddy. Atleast what I've seen. I hope I'm wrong, I'd be more glad to be wrong than anyone at all ! Very few people actually are happy when you achieve something.
Then, I went to the Comp Lab to check my name in the Scholastic website. I pulled Atreyi along.
Another close friend with who I wanted to share this moment with.
It was an exhilerating feeling to see my name, right there in the Top Five list.
A moment I can never forget. Even when I'm 60:)
Atreyi said she was really really proud of me.
It was nice learning such a good news in the presence of my 2 very close friends. Sharing it with them doubled my happiness.
I went back home, and I was the star.
Hugs. Kisses. Pats on my back.
I was on the 9000000000th cloud :D
I felt euphoric.
The next day was pretty ironic ; In the good way!
Suman Anand ma'am asked Remya to announce my name in the school assembly.
There could be nothing better than having her announce my name. Nothing better than a friend smiling at you when you went to the podium to shake hands with the Director.
She smiled, and with pride took my name aloud and shared the news with the whole school.
It was crazy.
The 12thies clapping like mad even before she announced my name. It was great to walk till the podium; Realizing that every face was looking at you, thinking of you for that moment, and clapping for you.
Now, I felt that I really did achieve something.
Just as Twisted Elegance had one said ;
"You sure know how to make small things into big things!!".
And just as I replied ;
"Big things come and go. But small things are the ones that really matter, and should be celebrated to truly feel and see happiness And to live life Queen size" ;)
Gnite everybody:)
Sleep well,
Cause I will !


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  2. hehehe...:D
    m da first person to comment about this!!!
    about what i felt??

    I AM PROUD OF YOUno other words...{sniff}{sniff};P
    I've already said everything that i felt about this "UR" moment and I'm happy u got da chance dude.....u deserved it!

    Oh annnd yes....i WILL NEVER forget da outing we had for this occasion(remember BARISTA?)
    yea i know m a bitch:)

    but thats in gud humor k???
    No hard feelingss....well cya my writer friend...might need your autograph tomorow in da skul....

    kkkk i knoe m overdoing it....TIME TO SHUT UP.....

    but you know what?

    all the best for more of your MOMENTS OF TRUTH :)

  3. @ Voncho : Woah. That was One hell of a "Awwwwww" comment :P

    Thanks man. No seriously, I really am glad that YOU were the one to announce my name in the assmbly. It was different. and so amazing! .

    Yeaa... Today.. Good humour ://

    Ahem. Sure.
    He's still guilty :-//

    Men. They're just So weird.

    Whatever.. Im off 2 ur blog now ;)

    Cya tomorrow lady!


  4. Kudos Nil !!! Way to go .... You owe me a box of sweets as well gal .... Get going ...... :)

  5. Haha!
    I told you you'd get it, but no, no one listens to me.


    You deserved it, woman.
    No doubt about it :)

    I loveee you.

  6. @ Rahul : Oh yea! A box of sweets on me! :) How about doughnuts???

    @ Disguise : Awwwwwwwwww! Thankssss!! I looovvveee yooouuu toooooooo !!



  7. wow Nil....Congrqats!

    And keep it up, okay?


  8. Queen size indeed!! ;) Congos girl *pat pat* Keep sailing... :)See you when I see you... :D

  9. @ Iti: Oh thank you so much :)
    I surely will keep it up!
    waiting for more of your visits!
    Take care!

    @ Pranav: Thannkkkyooouu my faithful blogger frnd!

    Chheerrzz :)

  10. awwww!!
    Im sooooooooooooooooo proud of youuu!!


    glistening eyes*



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