Sunday, October 28, 2012

Slow down you crazy child.

And I'm finally home, ultimately crawled back to my favorite safe haven to tell you stories about the happenings around the life of yours truly.
HELLO, World! It's been a while we spoke, have I missed out on much? I've been getting all the lovely post updates from y'all, no worries, I shall bombard all of you over the week =)

Alright, so the past month has been QUICK alright. I can't even figure when it came and where is went, but it sure as hell was god darn exhausting and pretty much on the awesome side of the scale. We first had inhuman hours of theater practice for this huge ass competition, add in college freshers which was Pickles and my FIRST performance in college, and might I add, it was legendary; to say the least =D
And there were multiple chill scenes, one of the best being a random chill at Majnu Ka Tilla with the crazy buggers (if you haven't been, GO. Now. Shoooooo.) Oh, in the span of which Vanta, our beloved Saucy Jane managed to cook some dengue love within her. ^.^

Other than that, I had Durga Puja happiness all of last week. It's always the one time of the year when I feel like I'm on a sugar OD, it was awesome, a few people were missing, but hey, you can't have the cake and eat it too.
 (Or can you?... TA DA DA DAAAAAA!) OK, sorry. Nobody except my Nerd Boy gets the joke :*
 But yep. Pujo was super chilled out as always, and the crown was the Ashtami Aarti, Dhunochi naach (Go GOOGLE, people with a frown.) Yep, that's me being badass with the dhuno ------->
That was the highest point of Pujo, the crazy beats of the dhaki and us lost, completely in some other zone, dancing away to glory.
MAN. What a feeling.

And for all of you who haven't been lucky this year to see how gorgeous the idols looked, here's one picture for y'all. Mind you, this one's from Pishki's album, so ladies and gentlemen, Piyush Mukherjee Photography!

Beautiful, innit? =)

And now, all that another year's Pujo has come to an end and all the craziness is over, I have to face the music. Internals coming up this week and I do not know the first word of my readings.
So hey, good times ahead :|
Anyhoo, that's all for now readers. I shall now go, grumble for a bit and finally pull my imaginary socks up and get crackiiiin' with some Sociology of India.
Until then, enjoy the quiet winter chills that have began, finally. Cooooold evenings with coffee, sweaters and mufflers, coming right up :D

Good night, World.
Much lovin'


  1. :) why oh why do they do this .. put exams of some kind right after the celebrationsssssss ...

    all the best for ur internals

    so you had a good time then :) dare i ask again he he heh


    1. Haha I don't know why!

      anyhoo, thank you so much :)

  2. The nip in the air is unmistakeable and I'm glad I'm here to feel it :)

    bohot sara <3 to you, Nil. You look gorgeous in a saree btw.


      And aww bohot sara pyaar to you too. And thankyouuuu =)

  3. Daath e dhunuchi is damn hard man and damn fun. :) Shubho Bijoyaaaa and I can see pujo was a blast! And that picture is soo grand. Ar hnya "ashche bochor abar hobe" :D

    1. Haha it's fun, O'yess. Shubho bijoya love, and yes pujo was a blast for sureee. Aschey bochor abar hobey :D

  4. dint i just tell you how bleedy gorgeous the pujo album was :) and oh i want writing on the college singing nightangle pls

    1. Heheheh thankyouuuuuu favorite sister :* Awww. Perhaps in person when I'm in Pune ;)

  5. Dengue Baby.

    AND Shubho Bijoya.
    Eyy aalso want to dance laike ey bawss next year.With the coal thing.
    And then set the pandal on fire :/

    1. Shubho Bijoya to you too mah favzz TamBrahm :**
      Yes baby, it's AWN next year!

      P.s- setting the pandal on fire is always Plan B ;)


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