Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm the baffled king.

Greetings to my readers from India, Russia, France, Ukraine, United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Mexico and Jordan! (Well, according to my Blogger Stats for the day anyway.)
And a big, frantic hand wave to everybody out there who's reading this up right now. =)

Life's been pretty darn hectic. 8:50 am classes everyday in the morning have coerced me to sleep every walking talking minute when I have the time, that is. I get free from college soonly, but then I have society practices which are making me run up the wall, too. In between all of that, add in hour long metro rides to and fro, chills with homies, some sulking and some thing or the other that crops up eventually.
OH, and let's not forget the DUSU elections which have resulted in mobs of angry (not so much), young college students yelling their lungs and throats out onto the road and into our ears (ew, too visual?) and shoving pamphlets with a zillion candidate names into our mouth (well almost anyway) with the most formal smiles. (If that's even possible?)

Mostly, I have pretty good days, and I'm spared the horror of days such as today which by all means and in all practicality sucked monkey balls. By the end of the day, I almost crawled back home on all of my fours. I can't remember, it's all blurry, that memory... (Okay, over doing it.)
One of the   The only high point of my day was the brown package from Flipkart that was waiting for me at home, nicely sitting on my bed. I had ordered Mitch Albom's latest; The Time Keeper.
Thus, we all know who's my date tonight.
Look at him, isn't he preeeeeeedy? =)

cool purple specs win win, eh?

In other news, I got my first two assignments for this semester. Which means I should really stop treating my books like pillows and get crackin'.  -,-
This week is going to be tragic and awesome. Don't ask me why. Long story. Not blog material. And muchings of drafts saved up to (hopefully) be published soon. 
On a completely unrelated note, I've been craving to go out for a photoshoot. I can't decide on a place/ theme. Any suggestions? 

So yes. I think I'm done ranting here about the trivialities of my immodestly significant life. I shall cut you lovelies some slack and catch you here next week, with some fiction, perhaps =)
Good night, my date and a bowl of cereals be waiting. 

Much loving and wishful sighs for Cheesecake,


  1. I love books too. I am currently reading Gone With The Wind, and have three more books lined up in my shelf waiting to be read - The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest, Midnight Children and The Immortals of Meluha. But the hectic schedule really has kept my reading habit at bay :-(

    1. Oooh! That's a pretty nice reading To-Do you have with you. Make the time, you'll love it :)

  2. You missed out the UAE!

    Good luck with this awesome/tragic week, looking forward to your next posts..

    1. Oh hell yea! NOW it shows UAE and add in Puerto Rico :D

      Thanks Jnana, always a thrill to say you here :))

  3. You know whats a good place for a photoshoot?

  4. right first of all see you next week then.. but you going to do all that long :) he he he


  5. Put a pin on Hindu College on your stat map, for I feel I'm going to frequent this blog.


    1. Hey, you! Haha you actually stopped by, eh?
      A Hindu College pin on my stat map would be most excellent =)

  6. KOLKATA is amazing for photography. It's such a colorful place. Pujo-y chole aay!

    1. Been there, done that, worn that tee bubz. Kolkata was first, on hit list ;)

  7. Matheran will be good for the shoot i guess..and u got such amazing reads stuff!!:) keep writing :)

  8. Hey,
    You have been awarded "The Versatile Blogger Award".
    Click on the link for more details.

    Take Care. :)

    1. Heyyy Ajay! Thank you SO much. You're much too kind, and I'm humbled :))
      On my way! Woooots.


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