Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dark Room.

Dark Room.

Let's play Dark Room,
where I try to find you,
with devoid cheating with the shadows,
or the Christmas lights that blink too often.

Let's play Dark Room,
let me find you. 

In this dark room of mine,
I find myself in the middle of a sunny day,
when the back of our shirts were wet,
and our throats parched,
from all the laughter that rang louder than the heat,
I find that day in my dark room, tonight. 

The corner of the bed,
oh, how innocent tonight? 
Useless air occupying space,
there aren't any green bottles standing drunk,
though I find your hiccups hanging in the air,
I find our drunk tales,
in my dark room, tonight. 

A poor blue shirt hangs on my chair,
since tonight you aren't complaining,
no complaints about its creaky legs to give away,
no complaints about a fall,
none tonight.
Though, I find the day you did,
I find that afternoon in my dark room. 

If walls could talk,
they'd be silent tonight, they'd weep instead.
They'd want to find every season,
every evening, and every dusk,
when you created a moment here,
in this room that's dark tonight,

Let's play Dark Room,
let me please find you. 


Horrible after midnight mood swing. Kindly excuse the abruptness of such strange poetry but at ungodly hours  as such, the mind is usually not at command. Some times, all you need is just one moment. 



  1. Abruptness? Thats what makes it poetry, isn't it so?

    I don't usually see dark rooms, it gets morning before I realize that I need to sleep.

    Nicely written. Liked it. :)
    Lets' play the Dark Room. :P

    1. Why, thank you so much, Ajay :)

      And haha, I know insomnia juuuuust fine!

  2. It's pretty nice. Makes me want to stare at your wall at night and think :) I can see the green bottles btw :P

    1. Aw, glad glad glad :) And haha, those green bottles be an essential accessory of my room, always!

  3. Some times, all you need is just one gay heart

    1. Look who's been stalking my blog :**

  4. Replies
    1. You're only too kind, thank you :)

  5. Go for it. Feel free to find me and ergo, save me.

    We need a drink.

    1. Zeeeeeba. Yes, we dooooo, but infact!

  6. You are an amazing writer! :D
    And this just made me regress, fear of the dark and childhood, making out monsters out of tree shapes, y'know the flow.

    1. Thank you so much, Kshipra. Means a lot to me :)

  7. I've awarded you! =D


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