Tuesday, March 6, 2012

....of Tuesdays, dubstep, and god-sent comrades.

Greetings, Tuesday People!
The day started with a royal ditch by most precious fraaand and was saved by Economics and absol-uuu-tely sick dubstep tracks.
To elaborate- So yesterday my beloved Remya called and we decided all of us ladies were going to die in some sly corner of the house if we didn't get out and get some air. She sent me very attractive texts like "My sputum is going berserk" just to make sure we bunch of faithful friends show up at her doorstep to initiate the thrills of life in her world of blown up tonsils. The plan was set, but of course, it was our education hungry south indian friend Remya Raj who thought it was fine to keep the window open all night and let in the (chilly) breeze. In her world it was also considered very clever to pull an all nighter till 5 am while you're sick already. So then she called up drunk on illness to cancel her tag along (the call that wasn't remembered by her 4 hours later.)
Anyhow, so Guina and I went trotting to Vanta's den anyway. I had plans of going to the nearby Tuesday market and shoot some portraits, but then I realized that I was a very lazy human being and Vanta's house was a little too cozy in general. SO, I shot those buggers instead. No proper shoot though, fooling around.

annoying-ly pretty friends with braids

annoying-ly retarded and happy FTW.

when Bihar meets South India and tries to copy West Bengal.

I had vowed to come back and drown myself into mighty education. National Income was almost crying out to me. But then enter Robin. Who by the way got his first shave done and looks like he hit puberty all over again (I'm sorry Rob, I told you I'd do this to you. See? You're important to me :D Nyhahahaha. )
So apart from him walking around all conscious and awkward about his face which apparently feels all light and airy it was the usual routine of good ole chai in the back lanes of Market 1. Life almost felt normal again, and the tiny existence of Boards was almost out of my mind until he started nagging like a little girl that he had to get back home -.-
Baah. Either way, today was a good day! In terms of academic hours, not so much. But yeah, I was reminded of fresh air existing beyond my little tiny corner in my little room with my not-so-little books  =)
So anyhoo, now that your ears are about to fall off, my mission in life is accomplished and I will now go and (seriously) indulge in mighty education.

They said money didn't matter. And then came in Economics. And then came in National Income, Like A Boss.



  1. <3

    I would have exploded if it weren't for you gaiz :')

  2. Nice pictures..they all look so radiant and cheerful :)

    Good luck with economics,those ppl are bloody hypocrites..money matters a lot :p

  3. And what is this dubstep you talk about?

  4. You guys are beautiful :')
    Which lens do you use, Nilanjana?

  5. Annoying-ly nice post with good looking peepolz and nice photos! Love the durga thakur act :P BOL with eco! Now I want to have chai! :(

  6. @Vanta: Haiiiina? Saaame too saaamz. :*

    @The other side: Thank you! And I'm gonna need the luck, keep 'em coming. And hehh, I know right. Pffft!

  7. @Priyanka: I know,me tooo. Dubstep is s genre of music. Please go Youtube it NOW. You're missing out on insanity.

    @Ruhani: Heeh, danke : ) I use the kit lens, 18-55 :)

  8. @Sam: OYE! din't see your comment there. Hehe that was a whole lotta 'and' put together :D
    Chai ForTheWin. Please go get some. I want some coffee now, tho :|

  9. Which one should i check first? There are so many :O

  10. Go search any track by "Bassnector". My phaaaaboorite. Insane, I tell ya. Insane.

  11. I used to like dubstep, mainly skream. but it's gotten boring I guess :|
    and even I neeed to get out or I'd die in a little corner of my little room lol an u got eco now? wow such huuuge gaps goshh. I got accounts in the middle. :/
    best of luck tho :)

  12. I had a phase too where I kinda got sick of dubstep. But then it didn't linger on for too long :P
    And yes, I'm on an extended vacation :/
    Haha thanks. Good luck to you,too! :)

  13. This is so nostalgic, I'm just mind-boggled! Ngaww, cute!

  14. Love the pictures.. Made me think of the time when me and two of my friends went superbly crazy in front of my then-new laptop webcam... :P :)

  15. @Stuti:Hehh,thenks. Remember our "photo booth" sessions when were ohsojobless =P

    @The Writer: Heheh so were we, believe me! thanks :)

  16. @Ice Maiden: Aaaaah. But ofcourse, the 'webcam' phase. Don't we all have one at some point? :P

    @PinkPatiyalaSis: Puroo puriiii =)

  17. You bloody did put ALL that!
    why are u soo ANNOYING!? xP

    btw! woah dubstep! i have hours of collection of dubstep......impressed! LOL

  18. Yes. I did. I stick to my word, don't I. I bet the nice feeling of your face feeling all fresh and airy still persists xD

    And ahem? If you hadn't kept sending me punjabi mix links on Facebook, I'd be impressed too. xD Nyhaha. =P

  19. sounds like you guys turned an uneventful day into a memorable one. i love all these black and white photos. i have to do a photo diary on my blog soon--with all black and whites!

  20. when Bihar meets South India and tries to copy West Bengal... :)

  21. @Cheryl: Haha rather an uneventful day into a memorable one!
    And hells yes, you should you should :)

    @Sumukh: :)

  22. aye aye someone had some fun on holi!

    and get on your feet girl! go click some prtraits!

  23. You bet! Though holi wasn't much of colors this time, most of it was chilling with a bunch of friends on the terrace. But pretty awesome, nonetheless.

    And agghh. Yes. I must.
    Shoulda,coulda,woulda :/

  24. You're hilarious! It's okay if you can't participate in 'Memorable March'.Your support means a lot. Take care and good luck for your boards! It's getting over on 13th,is it?

  25. loved the fourth and the last shot

    and as usual, the way you presented the post :)

  26. @Soumi: Haha thanks! I sure do hope to participate at some point, tho :)
    And thanks for the luck! They get over on the 16th :| Gaah.

    @Sawan: Why, thank you Sawan! :)

  27. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :-)

  28. super fun then it must have been :)

    about the camera love, u cud go click pictures tomorrow. its a sunday.

  29. Wow i love all the pics and u looooook soooo pretttty <3

    Enjoy , have fun and study hard and u will manage it all well :)

    and then I will make u smile when u realizing u worried uselessly over those economics and histories :D

    Keep the smile on my pretty thing :) <3

  30. :-)

    The world is fiction and there are stories abound for the ones who seek adventure.

    Gosh, I am reminded my wooden sword that pierced steel when I was a kid :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  31. Aww you guys are so adorable. Loving your pictures so much.



    www.ChicOverload.com (my blog!)

  32. aaahw so cute!



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