Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hello! It's been a strange month, with times of absolute unadulterated happiness as well as sudden and thickly interspersed space outs. My subsequent rants have obviously made that fact quite clear.. But I promise this one's the last! From the next post onwards, there's going to be fiction. Cause even I'm going to bury my nose deep into books and then my lovely sister will make her way to Delhi.. So I'm going to be terribly busy and you shall all get a break from the perpetual rants of erratic mood swings.

I just got back from a Raghu Rai Photography exhibition.. a close friend happened to read about it in the newspapers and so we decided to go have a look. I'm still awestruck at how the human mind creates such terrific concepts which leave one's mouth wide open after realizing the gravity of the thoughts behind each and every photograph. Ragu Rai..of course, is one of the best. But there were a bunch of other collections by various photographers who aren't very celebrated, and each and every photograph blew my mind off. At times, black and whites can be so overwhelming, and they almost make your mind travel to a distant memory that you never knew you retained inside you anymore. And the best part is, they're all feelings and people you see and feel every day. But the way each and every thought and expression had been emoted so profoundly into print was laudable. Inspiring and overwhelming..
I got some interesting photographs, too. Of the exhibition and people around.. Here are a few :-)

So yeah. That was my update for the day, and that's going to be it for a while now. The next half of the month, I shall be busy spacing out from social networking, the phone shall find its cozy place in the drawer and I shall find best friends in multiple hours of NCERT textbooks and joy in Pahargunj and karaoke nights with my darling sister and our friends :-)
Basically, I shall rely only on interaction in person. Which is so much better and lesser hassle. Don't ask me why, though!

So tata world,
I shall be back by the end of the month. Till then, enjoy the fictions coming up. And take care!
Thumbs Up,


  1. that's how i feel about black and white photography too. it's probably my favorite. have fun leaving the phone in the drawer--good idea. :)

  2. may i plz borrow the last picture?!=P

    Especially the last one. :O

    also, did anyone tell you that your blog header is ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLDD? :D


  4. Lovely polaroids :)
    My sisters in Delhi for a photography conference of sorts yo, you might want to check it out..

  5. @Cheryl: I know right. They're a different breed altogether, one that you can never get enough of!
    And yes, that one's always a good idea ;-)

    @Maham: Heehee. Copyrights! :-P

  6. @Poulomi: Thank you! Glad you liked the photos :-)
    And aww. You're very very kind! Thanks tonnes, I sure do hope you visit again :-D

    @Rev: Hullllooo Revaaa. Dhanyavaad! And hell yeah, would love to crash the Photo Con sometime. Please email/ blog ze details? :-)

  7. the photos were zonkers yo! and you've started with the pitt in the ground again cherr =(
    i mailed you last week, i don't even see dust bowls comin' my way yo =(

  8. and check this out, the last photo's gonna be up my wall yo. that's how awesome it was \w/

  9. Hello there,boy!
    Yes, it's underground again but sure the email replies shall find your way. For now,I'm too busy being a loser nerd who has perpetual days of fatal blues :|
    And haha, your cute american "check this out" lingo sounds so funny :P
    no offense intended ok. Heeh. Will reply! for sure :)

  10. whats so funny yo? =|
    and sure, i haven't got no email yet hey =(

  11. also,the other photo the second one's pretty zonker. you sure do look pretty =)
    though the other photo, the cab? awesome yo.
    and you obviously gotta get back to me faster after all the niceness? or i promise to stalk some more?

  12. "Yo."
    (It's funny how sarcastic I sound when I say 'yo' to you.)
    Yeah,yeah. I'm still not free man.. been driving myself crazy with Econ. But over the weekend,I PROMISE to write back :)
    And also, thank you! And I would have totally bought that crap of you being nice had I not known whatte dog you are from the insides. Kay then bye ^_^

  13. Oh, and also. You try spamming me with useless comments here and the little chances that you have of me replying back plunges negative :)

  14. Nil,with that little flower in your head you look quite the intellectual :P And that last picture is a picture of words.

    And life without any hassle, cheers to that. Will love reading your fiction. And I hear there's an exam for you, so kill that one there :D


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