Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Presently, my house has about sixteen people scurrying up and down the house carrying plates of fruits, vermilion, sweets, vegetables, mirrors, holy threads and an agglomeration of pretty red and yellow things. The ground floor has a flirtatious aroma of mouth watering aaloo puri, while the elders laugh loudly making the tiny kids flee around the house from one place to another.
And no, there's no wedding in the house. This is just how my darling Bong family celebrates Lakshmi Puja. And this is exactly why, I absolutely love all these sixteen people who're taking turns in yelling my name out with not-so-polite tones for me to ditch this bunch of cyber garbage and go and participate.

My eldest uncle has been priding over the alpana (some thing you make with rice paste) I helped to make. He's been rewarding me with tiny toffees while my mother has been stuffing coconut sweets into my mouth for no apparent reason. My father is patting (punching) me on the back and bellowing with unnecessary happiness about how nice the red hideous kurta looks on me, and my tiny niece is having the time of my life sneezing and laughing at the same time on the apparently witty ways my elder brothers seem to have adapted to make the world realize how hilarious they are. (Talk to the hand,I said.)

And everybody is just randomly screaming and jumping around from place to place, stuffing on sweets and lovingly cursing the weather. The house feels breathing (sneezing) and alive.

Which is why, when you're in a terrible blue and unsure about the world under your feet, all you need is a darling of a crazy Bengali family laughing even when jokes aren't cracked, and pulling on your cheeks like you're the newborn of the house even though you're seventeen.

Rolling my eyes with a wiiiide grin,
Nil :-)


  1. I know. My memories on lakshmi pujo have to be the sari pora ar the alpona aaka. :P And hell ya big joint bengali families = ultimate chaos. Mane you have to have 10 luchis or else they'll start a hartal :P

  2. Arey! dude! that post made me CR Park sick (does that sound right?) all over again!!! =(

  3. arey can you imagine i made ma baba hold shreyoshi and i cooked some khichudi bhog, aalu phulkophir dalna,bhaja, and payesh...and beleive me lokhi thakur must be going crazy going by my ghee usage !!

  4. yepp home sweet home :)

    fantastic time ...


  5. @Sam: Hahaha ditto hon, total ditto! And oii, we're all waiting for the awesomeness Ladakh photos on Blogger please! :-)

    @Stuti: COME OVER THIS WEEKEND! *cute puppy dog face*
    P.s- we missed you too! a-a-a-aaalot :(

    @PinkPatiyalaSis: hahahaha our little puchka makes me so proud. Looks like Pune ain't waiting much longer! <3

  6. @Hij: :-)

    @Bikram: You got it!

    @Charu: Word.

    @Tuli Di: Helllllllllo! thrilled to see you here sistaaar. Thankyou :-)


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