Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Take me,

Take me,
take me to those meadows that call,
those meadows where the mustard flower is life,
those meadows where my peach colored frock,
would dance wild with my scraped knees.

Take me,
take me into that ocean where whales call,
where corals look beautiful,
where mermaid stories are told,
where I can float up and above without having to peek outside the blue,
and look for a ship.

Take me,
take me to my friend who stood waving me goodbye,
last time when I went away and promised to write.
That friend who smiles with me,
in that old parchment nailed to my bed. I've missed him.

Take me,
please just take me away,
to where my lips wouldn't tremble,
where my eyelashes wouldn't hold wishful broken dreams,
where my brows wouldn't spoil with sadness.

Take me,
to that utopia where the tooth fairy exists,
where Cinderella found her shoe,
where I'd be Alice,
and that would be my wonderland.

Just please, you.
Just please, take me away. For I want to dream, once more.



  1. Hop on to the boat,fellow.

  2. Niceee. :) Reminded me of Natasha Bedingfield's "Take Me Away". :D

  3. me too me too me toooo... when you reac hthere make sure you post the address on ur blog cause I am sure a lot of us want to go ..

    Take me Home
    Take me Home
    to the place I belong :)


  4. @Beads: Haha really? Well good! :-)

    @Bikram: Will do for sure! ;-)

  5. Wow, that's crazy. That's the one song that's been my favorite since forever :-)

  6. Its only you who can take you there. A good company would indeed do good, but, just loosen up, bend a little more to see a different view. Maybe Neverland is upside down :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. So beautifully said,Blasphemous. We do forget to bend some more, hop,skip,jump,slide. We often stand too straight I guess.. :-)

  8. etai pathie chilis toh? opurbo likhechis :-)

  9. Hae,this is the one! Thanks mashi :-) Chobi ta is Google's courtesy :-P

  10. Nice. It does express how I feel right now...the wish of me the child buried in the growing adult the world asks me to become :)


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