Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bring on the grind!

Honestly, one of the best Wednesdays of my life, and this called for an update post!
Summer break- over. School started this 4th of July, and it's been awesome. Decent amount of classes and studying, decent amount of bunks and free periods, the ideal mix has been generous on us. Getting back to school,I realized just how much I missed those corridors and the classes that were pretty much home. The typical face I make when I enter school, Rob standing on the corridor in front of his classroom, checking if I was on a Blue or not and then laughing when he figured I was. Remya smiling the brightest happy dent smile to greet me with abuses, Vantz gesturing the retarded heart symbol,Guina lurking around like a ghost, the Khandelwaal sisters crying at everything, Joy buzzing around like a mosquitoe and Reddy with her evil laughter and eye rolls. Oh yes, it felt like home alright!

So today, school was fruitless and that was the best part. We practically had the whole day free, it was raining, and we were chilling on the big field steps,wet and soggy :-P  Not to mention Chatur's retarded tricks to beat me at "snapping fingers" and dancing like a perverted lunatic all over the corridors (yo. you're cool- in my defense) Then I saw the book by SCHOLASTIC in which my fiction was printed as one of the stories in the 'New Arrivals' section and it felt Awesome. To see my name as an author in a book which was there in the library and the kids would see- I swear,I hit heaven. Straight. No lefts,no rights, just bang on Heaven :-)
Also, the usual train of inter school competitions setting in to Remya and my list, not to mention the insane excitement for the Interact Cohesion where Rem's gonna kick ass with the whole show and I plan to do a choreography for the dance that's going to get the judges on their knees (Modesty,much?)

So school was over and then Rem came over cause we had our mutual friend's birthday to crash. (Littttuuull retarded Mantaaaaaah,happy birthday shitface! We love you! and please party your ass off, since you've hit you-know-what) :-P
It was thee most retarded Wednesday evening where we were hopping from my house to Gk1,then Manta's house, then M.O.D, creeping the other boys out, then screaming at uptight auto walas, and then getting back home to discover Remya chatting up secrets with my mother,which by the way, was not cool. At all. I feel nervous and she claims it's something pleasant. Uh. :/

So now that life's back to normal, with my favorite bunch around, and school and..just.. happiness? :-)
SO bring on the Grind,12th grade! I'm going to kick your butt and pin you down :-) .... So now that I plan to turn into a really cool nerd, wish me luck cause I'm going to study my happy face off, party in the weekends, and study like a nerd again all week. Okay, maybe party every once in a month :/
But whatever, words can't bring me down ;)
Oh and the Book of complete collection works of Jane Austin thanks to my love Vantz only adds on to the retarded grin on my face right now :-D
It felt good today! Today feels so good. Cause as Rem puts it- "Because, somewhere out there, it's a better world".

Oh oh oh and since I'll be pretty busy to write Update posts for a while now, brace yourself for a LOT of fiction coming up. At least for the next 3 posts. Heh. Sit with popcorn and coke :-P

Remya clicked today!

Love always,
Nil. :-)


  1. Waiting for the fictions to come.

    And congrats on being published.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Yep,trust me it's going to be a short wait this time :-P

    And thank you!

  3. Baaah ! Mone hochey eibaar je eta Tithi likhechey :-)
    Good to hear such a fresh and lively update from you dear, keep smiling and the photograph is lovely.
    Good luck for class twelve little one, although I am certain that calling you 'little one' isn't appropriate anymore :-) we know you will make us proud.
    We all love you

  4. And hearing about Austen took me back to University days ... :-)

  5. Mashiiiiiiiiiiiii. Haha thank you so much! And you bet, this summer has given me a kick start to a whole new fresh beginning, to a lot of things :)
    Thanks for the luck, and I sure do hope I stand up to the expectations. And heh, well I guess I'm not all that "little" anymore ;)

    And eep I can't even WAIT to get started with the book <3
    Love you too!

  6. Hey! Been reading your blog for a Long time now.
    LOVE your posts. ALL of them!
    Awesome work!!
    Cheers! :D

  7. @Rachana: Hehe thankyou! :)

    @Sunshine Girl: Hullo! And why that's so sweet of you. It's always a pleasure to have loyal readers, thank you so very much, you're very kind :-)

  8. retarded fun! :D

    we'll have to put our noses to the grindstone..sigh..

    BTW,beautiful picture :)

  9. hehe thanks lauu :*

    haha yess retarded phun :-)

  10. chobi guno kokhon lagabey betu?

  11. Hurry up my coke is loosing the gas in it :) jaldi jaldi and the popcorn are going stale .. :)

    looking forward ..

    and i rememebr when we went back ot colelge or school after holidays it was blissssssssss you will be amazed during my vacation sometimes I did not come home :)


  12. quite a chirpy post :)
    and congos on being published, it must have been an awesome feeling :)

    keep'em coming ;)

  13. I am jealous.
    Because you love your school and I hate mine.
    I love you.
    Because you're pretty and talented and awesome and I don't need another reason to love you because I just do.

    And get your ass at my place on weekends woman, or Imma crash at your place. :D

  14. @Bikram: yes yes, shall put them up so soon! Thanks for the enthusiasm :=)
    And haha I'm so sure it must have been amazing for you too.

    @Mitostargazer: Thank you so much :=) And hah you sure I will!

  15. @Shiv: Shhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiibbooooooh! Aww that was so cute :* Heh, we're all outta school in 6 months babe, so it doesn't really matter eh. And aw ALL of that back right atcha!
    Yes yes,I don't know whatever but I NEED to see you soon. Coming week. I don't care how/when. But coming week for shizz.
    I love you too!

    @PinkPatiyalaSis: Yes yes! Been a month. Thankoo :=)

  16. Dekhlam na toh.. ki korechish?

  17. Arrey sorry, Privacy seetings chilo. You're included now, ekhon dekhte parbe :}

  18. Love, you are all mine :*
    I'm so proud of this pic! :D


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