Saturday, October 9, 2010

This game of Truth and Dare.

 Funny, this game of Truth and Dare.

They said I have to choose, if I dared truth.. I’d have to answer a naked honest answer to whatever they might ask.. If I chose dare, I’d have to reach the finish line of that task.. with no backing out, whatsoever.
I always chose truth. Because that was a big enough of a dare.
I was never scared. I had nothing to hide from the world.

Still, I had this lurching pull in the pit of my stomach every time the bottle spun to me. I delft this uneasy excited quease in me.. Did I not want them to ask me something? … Or did I really want them to ask me, that very question. That very answer that never quite escaped my lips, and yet, I wanted the world to know. I wanted the world to know how I felt about that one question.
Because it made a difference.
Not to them, but to me.

Thank god they didn’t ask me that regret I held. Thank god they didn’t ask me about that hint of sadness that somehow lurks in the hues of my crazy euphoric self. Thank god they never questioned that smile of irony, that I hoped they missed. Thank god.

But what a pity, they never asked me why I held that regret. What a pity they never asked me why that sadness lurked even in the brightest of lights. What a pity they missed that smile of irony, that smile, that perhaps would have let open everything that I might have held in me, for a while. For a long while.
I wanted to be heard.
Or.. maybe I wanted to carry those smiles and perhaps laugh about them on my own, when I grow up. Grow up to not feel so strongly about everything and anything.

But who am I fooling?

Yes, I wanted to be heard.

What a pity they found the game boring just when it was reaching its prime.. Funny how I want them to ask me.  Ask me just those few questions that maybe I asked myself, the most.

Funny, this game of truth and dare.



  1. very well expressed man !!
    like really!
    I often feel like that...
    could relate to this post on a personal note...

  2. I know the feeling of wanting to be the one to answer the question. I like being the one who can dare to let out the truth. However, the question you're nervous about, the one you hope you will be asked (the very same you're afraid to answer sometimes) never comes around. And even when it does, you make decisions in that short pause when the answer you've never thought about hits you. And then you know better than to answer the question in the way they want you to.

    But then again, some questions don't really have the answers you'd like to have, or ones you'd like believe. And then you know this holds true- Some things are better left unsaid.

    And with those unanswered questions, you're the only one who will ever know the mysteries behind the ironies of that smile and the sadness that lurks about in the corners of your mind on the brightest of days.

    Well written Clone Sister. This really got me thinking.

    Much Love
    Shiv <3

  3. Made me think. Infact, still thinking. :P

    Good one! :)

  4. Umm...
    I really can't think of a comment worthy of this post, so yes, this is awesomer than my vocabulary can describe.

    You kick ass, sister!

  5. oh this was so nice and refreshing :)

  6. @Priyanka: Eyy thanks babe! I'm so glad you could relate to it, I think that's very important :)
    Thanks again!

    @Shivii: I agree with each and every word of that comment. even when you read it out to me on the phone, I swear I couldn't help but smile, and I'm glad that this post had the transparency I intended. If you know what I mean?
    duuh,you do.
    thanks love :) It's always a pleasure to find positive critiques from the ones you value.

  7. @Meera: Hahaa awww! thanks sweetheart! you're too cute!

    @Mantaaaaaaaaa: Omg this is your first comment on my blogg =P awesome shit, freak bro ;)
    Aw thanks man, you're so damn sweet!
    much much love :)
    -retarded sister.

  8. @Koo: Thankyou so much :)

    @hAAthi: Eep! I'm glad! thankyou :)

  9. deep!

    i love truth and dare, i choose dare cuz' its fun.. people ask me dirty questions if i choose truth :/ and i answer them easily to make them feel they lost their chance to ask me a real good question that would have been answered honestly!

    isn't there any t&d application on fb !

  10. haha, really interesting thought provoking post.

    hmm, pick truth and lie through your teeth. It's called politics. because daring would actually entail doing something.

  11. Very popular game moreso amongst college crowd though I was never much fond of it. In my college days dumb charades ruled the rooost

  12. Hi Nil,
    U know I always thought why people took this game so sacredly...
    It’s not like u put a hand on the Bible or Gita n hence thereby can say nothing but the truth...
    I mean can’t u mould the truth if it is that ugly?
    Always wanted to ask that!

    Regarding the post...
    Sometimes what we fear the greatest is what we want to happen the most-est too. For then we are past it!
    However the initiation of the process is scary...
    Why wait for someone to ask...why not answer without being questioned?

    Well expressed mind churn here gurl!:-)

  13. What a post..!!
    Amazed really..

    Truth or dare??
    Yet to decide..



  14. @Diiip: Thanks hon! And yeah dares are so much fun =) however, not when you're crazy tired :/
    aaah, I use that tactic at times, too ;)

    @Alpha: Thankyou, so much :)
    Quite true :)

  15. @Pesto: Yup, it's quite a popular game.. and much overhyped, yes!

    @Suruchi: Hey! thanks suruchi! and yes, surely yes. The ugly truth can always be moulded according to how you play around with words..
    And yeah,
    true that. No need to be questioned, one can always express oneself without the barriers of it :)

  16. @Nipun: Thankyou so much! :)
    aaaah. that question always rolls over :)

  17. Who doesn't relate to it.....thats what life is abt :) Be true and dare to take those dares :)

  18. To be or not to be type situation, huh? I gave up on that game years ago, but I see why it's exciting for everyone else. Well written post Nil.


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