Friday, September 26, 2008

The gift of Life. . .

A time will come ,when people will crave for love ,care.. A time will come,
When people, even on showing love, will not get it back from others.
A time HAS come, when “the evil” has become a protagonist.
A time HAS come, when “the good” has been uprooted.

Take a breath. Leave a sigh . Smile all you can. Laugh to your heart’s content. Run more wildly than ever. Smell, as if u would not be able to ,the next second. See, as if you would then sleep forever. LIVE as if your life will be over tomorrow. And LOVE as if you will not have the capacity to give it again.

Be a good human being for once in your life. Think about them, rather than about you. Smile, if it lightens up an innocent child’s face. Cry if it makes a persons heart light.

Give and forget about “take”. Love your life, and thank her. HER who gave you the gift of life . . Forget all about your “so called” society. Cheer up for the cricket match being played by the street urchins !
Become a child, once again . . and kick the football on the green grass!

Add a vision to your sight. Minus all the ego. Multiply the love in your heart. And divide your happiness with people who need it. And once the whole equation is correct, what you will obtain is clear crystals of love and happiness.. and yet again the ecstasy . . . For you have the gift of live.




  1. I don't quite agree with you on this one Nil.

    We can't sacrifice our own happiness for someone else. We can't, not unless the person means the world to us, and without seeing them happy, we won't be satisfied.

    And a relationship is all about give and take. You can't have either of them exist on their own..
    You can't just do things for a person, without having them do doing stuff back.

    Well, this is how I see it.

  2. I absolutely agree with you. And I really respect your perspective. But See, that's not what I meant. This blog entry was basically meant to convey the msg that through out life,when all we see/do is think about the society,OUR our gains and OUR loss,use the word "I" Like a millions of times in a single hour, forget how it feels to run like a wild dog on the green grass and consider doing stuff 'out of the blue' as imature. THATS were my main msg is that dude, sometimes, just let go.

    I totaly agree with u that a relationship is about give & take,
    but my point here is that give it in your share,and don worry about the reslut. Cause if it's worth it, you will get the reciprocation.

    :/ Did I make sense? Uhm.
    Anyway. Thanks SO much for your opinion. It really does add up to the way i think about it, and has given me a broader sight to think about it.
    Thanks Dishi. :)

  3. Yea, well that's true.
    Sometimes, we become so self centered that we forget, that life is about dancing in the rain too =)

    Yea, well it won't be called a relationship if there wasn't give and take.
    There has to be both for it to be suitable enough to be called a relationship.

    Yea, 'course you made sense.
    No problem man!

  4. Yups! Dancing in the rain reminds me of this online scrapbook i made. It was "walkin in the rain".
    LOL. Random I know. =P

    And as far as our lives and relationships are concerned, if we lose track, we always have each other to kick us and tell us "dude, one more of that shitty attitude, and you got ur choice about a kick on the back or the stomach?".

    Ahaha. <3 Right?!!
    Take care chick.

    Cool B'Ddy Co. Rocks! =]


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