Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Like a sudden raspy slap of the coldest swirl of air- her face haunted me, displacing each an every element of stability within me. My flesh grew pale, though the blood within never felt warmer. It was like a sudden rude grip by unnaturally long fingers around my neck, I do not understand how a face can be so hauntingly beautiful. It ruined me for life.
Her brows stayed home, though the lingering questions escaped the chilly calm on her face with just a tinge of a smile. I refuse to understand how her body, so white like a possessed corpse could seem so alive with the unabashed inactivity in her character- by just standing there with those piercing eyes, she was ruling my existence. If moments could bleed, this would be it. 

Her lank poker straight hair plastered the contours of her oval face like a wedding ring too tight for a finger. The streetlamp on top of her head made a halo of her frail figure that stood too strong, too tall to go unnoticed in the nocturnal camouflage of the snoring night. She was the literary equivalent of star dust, she said.  
Somewhere in the throbbing veins of her hand, I heard a universe call and somehow I believed it really did exist.

Ghosts, spirits, demons and angels seemed like myths of the past that crawled away, intimidated by this Mother of Zeus- if we were all to be thin air, she would be chariot swirling the sky.
So harshly real, emitting a flow-charted insanity of sort- I was left crippled, impotent- a wounded soldier whose words were slashed by hers even before I could conjure a thought. 

Nationalities, religions, myths and epics failed to define her aura that was like a walking aurora in the middle of a battlefield with bleeding men and parts of scattered limbs around dynamites. Her presence was so raw, that you lament over the inexplicable reality of her tenderness.

She churned my insides in a way that would set the democracy of my ideas on fire and would establish the anarchy of my emotions.   

And yet what I felt was the casually tossed idea of wanting to die because you were just that happy. And perhaps, right then I realized the original difference between happiness and elation.
I felt the pores of my flesh, the pores of my soul, the pores of my eyes widen up like open gashes of wounds and found healing in the nakedness of my armors- armors of my flesh, armors of my soul and the armors of my eyes.

I stood right there, once the moment had ended, and the sprinkles of its blood shone in the creases of my fingers. The bones of her haunt made a moment bleed, which is now. 


Something I wrote for the Poetry Slams I've been doing the past few months. You guys are beautiful, to have stuck around :)
I'll be back soon, I just can't tell when.

-After a long time,


  1. when did you grow up ? this comes frm someone much wiser and deep than the giggly girl seen in the cover :) beautiful as always

    1. I'm still the chotu you knew. Maybe a grain wiser. :) Miss you, oh so much my PinkPatialaSis.

  2. DUDE. I CAME BACK FROM HIATUS THIS WEEK AS WELL. (grabs in a bearhug)

    I miss you <3 I thought I had your blog link saved and I didn't and all I knew was nil.

    It's gooooood to have you back.

    1. ZEBAAA. I missed you muchlyyy. Well, now you have it saved. And I'll nag myself real hard to be regular, this time :)

  3. I would love to read slam poetry by you!! I have only recently started following a few people who are exceptionally good at it. This was amazing, as usual.


    1. If you're in Delhi then you should really catch one of our shows. We are called Mildly Offensive Content. If you follow us on Facebook, we'll keep you posted on our slam nights. I'd be delighted to see you there :)

  4. Your soon better be soon this time, Nil.

    1. I'm going to pester myself and push myself real hard this time, dost.


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