Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Philippic rhapsody.

I'm almost awkward to initiate conversation here, yes I know it's been so long. But oh well,

Greetings, World.
Yes, I most definitely missed y'all, and hell I missed you- Blog. I don't remember the last rant, only because I've been doing something so terrible lately; keeping it all in my head. Moving on to shallow conversation; a very happy Holi to all of you. Bet you guys played with colors and jazz and for those of you rotten rears who threw eggs at me from racing cars; GOOD JOB DOUCHE, THAT'S PRETTY MUCH ALL YOUR SKILLS FOR LIFE.

Yeah, not much of a Holi person. Gone are the days when it used to be dry, pretty and colorful. Nothing about ink and grease please me, so yeah no thanks bye. In other news, a year of college is almost over. Just about now, I have a My Life Is A Lie moment, because I don't even know where that year went. I kept doing things, running around, thinking I'd eventually settle down; except, I haven't. I'm still finding my place, at some level. And because of this terrible running around, I've pretty much forgotten weekends and the concept of 8 hours of sleep. College is overrated. I love it, but it's overrated.
Tiny juniors from school just finished with their Boards, and I fail to see how. THEY WERE TINY. And they're now figuring out their college options. O.o
In another two months, my freshmen year will be over. In two years, my under grad will be over. No seriously, what is wrong with the world?

As you might have noticed, I'm in the mood to rant the brains out of your mind. I want to keep talking to I feel like the scum in my head gets out, you're welcome to stop reading, I won't mind. Of course I will, so leave quietly if you must. If you read on, you'll be a part of that 0.9% of the world I tolerate like right now.
Did I mention, at this point in life, my favorite career option would be to be a waitress at a shack in Goa? Good life. That will be the good life.

The rest of the college week is off, and I plan to write. It's been unhealthily long that I've come up with some piece that I'd be content with. I've just spent too much time entertaining absolute and pointless bullshit and that's enough now. I'm going to write some.
My end sem are around the corner, and I really need to get started with getting back to being a nerd. I miss it. I miss spending endless hours studying when nothing can bother me, and I feel purposeful. And once exams are over, I plan on going away from Delhi for a while. FOR A GOOD WHILE. To get a breather before second year starts and life becomes crazy again. A few of us from DramSoc and MusicSoc have plans of lifting up the productivity of the societies so we can look at ourselves in the mirror and not feel guilty about wasting our lives. I feel like we worked like idiots this year, which is why the end results were never there and we just felt wasted with migraine.

Wow, I fail at emitting happiness. Said the over competitive bastard.
Since I suddenly feel very awkward again and I don't want to talk anymore, here you go; a few pictures from different places my happy feet (lol sure thing) traveled to.

 There y'go. And now, I shall go listen to The Swell Season and hopefully that will inspire me enough to write something and show some bloody passion. Goodbye, lovelies. Thank you for reading. Grumpy Nil happens once in 86 years, I'm sure none of us will be alive for the next one. Is it me or am I really inappropriate?

Much loving,


  1. aye. you were missed too.

    and a new piece is awaited :)

    1. Why, thank you.

      Coming up in a day or two. :)

  2. You're backkk! :D
    Yes please write. And do drop by my blog too! It misses you ;)

    1. Yes, I'm back! And oh hell, I've missed your blog. Next stop, Peabs!

  3. I know how you feel. Girl! I'm going to finish my undergrad in two months :( Imagine how I feel!

  4. Usually a silent lurker... but i just have to say-

    Your hair is so pretty!! :)

    1. Hahaha aww, thank you! That was a pleasant surprise :)

  5. If this is you at your grumpiest,most uninspired state,you're pretty damn good.
    Nerd glasses and an endless syllabus?Tell me about it.But then after it's all done,you want to write those exams again just so you have something to do.
    The waitress-at-the-shack idea does sound good though...mmmm. Really good.A fallback maybe.
    And The Swell Season,love!

    1. Hahaha, I love the fact that you actually read through that pointless rant! Much love to you, Talitha!

  6. here you go :)

  7. Yay nice to read you :)
    Even I have hardly blogged...kind of writer's blog I guess :)

    And rant as much you want :)
    I love to listen it all :)

    Welcome back , my love :*

    1. Nabz Nabz! aww thank youu. Missed this place :)


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