Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sunday enthusiasts.

Sitting in straight lines of disorderly sequence,
they fit next to one another,
a feather long gamut between each.
A different flock, each day
and Sunday seemed their favorite of the lot.

One would fly away,
only to circle around and settle next to another.
Another would clumsily flap in protest,
though the order of the makeshift lines were taken much solemnly.

One or three would ash away,
the criminal phenomena of electricity was common a knowledge,
they'd complain of its ruthless deeds,
and yet settle on those black wires, indubitably.

Perhaps it was how the rest of us looked from above,
tiny, black and feeble stick figures;
running around doing things that were humorous to them,
they all fancy a good laugh,
our kind was a curious one to theirs.

They weren't wanton sadists,
neither were they reckless optimists.
They were fond of the sky that was intimate,
and Sundays, that favored clear skies.

So sit, they did,
and watched over us.
Flew away once in a while,
however absconded, rarely.

And so finally, the poetry block is over :) Hoorah.


  1. How do you come up with such stories from that one picture is out of my mind! Loved to say the least. :)

    1. Haha, don't we all do it? Thanks, Sammay :)

  2. Ah, glad that damn poetry block is over.
    This I like. :)

    1. So glad, it's like I can breathe again!
      Thank youuu.

  3. Header tou dekho zara, har baar writing ki tarha shandaar. Wah wah.

  4. Beautiful and lovely.
    Nicely Written. :)

  5. And a Hip Hip too!
    Or maybe not.I am getting fat.
    I loved the poem.Reminded me of The Crow in a Ruskin Bond anthology!:)

    1. Haha oh you bought back such old memories. The Crow, but of course!

  6. Ahhh Poetry is back and I am all smiles :)
    You said it so beautifully from point of views of the birds :)

    Loved it as always :)

  7. This is awesome. Really very cool. :)

  8. This was really beautifully written. On a side note, very good choice of image.

    1. Why, thank you! The image was even better in real life. Caught this click in a far away city. Quite a moment :)


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