Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh the unspeakable things.

"Oh if you knew what it meant to me,
Anywhere but here."

Hello, World.

It's already the 12th day of the year and not only has everything been racing its pace but I've been running along. College has been immodestly demanding of my time, starting 8:40 am morning classes to theater and Acapella rehearsals after college. By the time I'm home, I'm dead. I have no will or energy to argue or agree. I just like to retire to my space; a quiet dimly lit room, some good music and my laptop.

2013 is going to be the torch bearer of interesting events. The first two weeks have already proven my theory and thus, turned facts it is. But anyhoo, music has been keeping me sane. Lots and lots of music which I listen to, which makes sense and I keep all that sense bottled up inside me and try my best to not blurt it out to the world. Cause it'll only make sense as long as it stays with me. Most things turns unnecessary, as soon as they're peeled by the world, eh?

Book I'm currently binging on- My Friend Leonard.
Random winter-y picture from this week.

So the next few weeks are going to be crazy busy. The next ten days have lunatic hours of society practices, followed by the Lit Fest which I hope to head for this year, for sure. And then we have Comic Con coming up, for which, might I add, yours truly shall be volunteering. Should be fun. Free comics, goodies and friends to run around with. Works fine for me, for now. (OH, and free fruit beer. Jussayiiin'.)

 I'm currently obsessing over this song. It makes so much sense that it's pretty much overwhelming, to say the least. It's just the kind of mood I've been in, and it's just what's been in my head. It's almost like I spelled out everything I couldn't figure out to someone, and she made the song for me. Just like that. There y'go.
So yes, I've been shaking my head all evening and will continue doing so for the rest of the night about how a song can make so much sense. At the oddest time and in the oddest way. But then again, that's what songs do. They make you sing along, and I'm singing along, alright. Give it a shot, it may make sense to you, too.

(Courtesy: Vanta.)

So hopefully, there's going to be some fiction coming our way. I've been slightly stuck with a godzillion stories in my head and yet having a brain freeze when I get down to typing it out. Hopefully with it being Sunday today and me catching up on what I compromise on such nocturnal hours, I'll be able to come up with some more fiction labels. But first; sleep.

Good night, or good morning.
Much loving,
ole Nil. 


  1. Waiting for your Fiction, for like forever. #JustKidding :P

    Hope that you brain-freezing turns to brain-storming and you end up writing even more than you expected, to be precise Gazillion stories, or is it Godzillion. :P Well, whatever! :D Your college seems like fun and Comic Con; you are volunteering? Pretty good going there.

    Anyway, Have a Fun Weekend. :)

    1. Haha yes. Fiction should be up, next. I've been waiting for a while, too :P

      Yep, volunteering there. I hope you drop by.
      Ciao. :)

  2. Ah. Nil. That song is legit. Me really likes it.

  3. YOU'RE IN AN ACAPELLA CLUB? I iz so jelly of your talent :(
    Oh and Comic Con is going to be awesome. I would've volunteered too, but not sure if I'll be in Delhi on all 3 days, so. But hopefully I can go as a visitor and maybe bump into you ;)
    And duuuude, you're so pretty, even half of your face looks beautiful :O

    1. Haha shut up Peabs. You're the last person who needs to worry about being talented. :)
      PLEASE do come for Comic Con. We haven't met in a while, nowww.
      And haha oh man, you crazy, you. :*

  4. Happy New Year Nil!

    Your year already seems eventlful. This time of the year makes me so hopeful!

  5. Waiting for the fiction update!

    1. I'll try to not make you wait too long :)

  6. Yay finally you wrote :D
    I want loaaads of fiction :D
    And Lit :D
    I wanna visit comic con this yr...maybe I can catch hold of my genius there :)
    And I missed reading your words writttttte :D

    1. Aww. Yes, please do drop by!
      Haha yesss. I hope to be Fiction Rolling, for the month. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  7. The song is GORGEOUS!
    I love it...and you girl for the link!
    Why do I have this nagging feeling that My Friend Leonard is a book I should have on my shelf??
    And Comic Con too??!
    Someone's got a planner-full of fun this year!
    Enjoy(and dontcha forget to keep us updated!:))

    1. The nagging feeling is a good feeling. MUST you have the book on your shelf.
      Haha yes, full on planning indeed. Oh most defs. This is my rant house, after all. No worries about updates :))

  8. Cool blog you've got here! And you seem to have had an eventful beginning to the year, huh? Happy new year, btw. :)

    1. Yes, eventful, indeed. Happy new year :)


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