Monday, December 10, 2012

Thank you for not making sense.

A pandemonium inside your bony skull and within your heart that's the size of your mere fist can some times, absolutely paralyze you and hold you still in the middle of a hot, working and busy day. The kind of day when even your subconscious mind should ideally turn dumb, deaf and blind; to ensure no manifestation of mindful disasters. Mindful, mind you; not mindless. 
Such a pandemonium usually means a lot of noise which only gets louder once you plug in your earphones, and every song almost sounds satiric, mocking to your misunderstood misery. 

But say thank you, for not making sense. After every file of obviousness that's been neatly stacked into your mind, and every little box tightly packed away into quiet corners of that coffer throbbing inside your chest.. after such achieved order, we often trash away the not so obvious which wasn't highlighted with a neon marker in the rationality of your mind or consideration of your heart. But often, those little eightysixed details end up actually being the full stops to years worth of bemusement. 

What happens when all those file are scattered on the floors of your mind which is used to being in an apple -pie order? What happens when all those little boxes are blown off their lids and all the four walls fall apart with everything inside meanders out?

Beautiful happens

Because all of a sudden, every orderly detail stands next to the ones that are not. And like trifling chipped ends of blue tiles, you connect the dots you thought that were already connected, only to form a completely new pattern, and you witness the same story you thought was over; from the same pair of eyes, except this time, with a sensible mind. 

Yes, I said sensible mind. For in all the chaos of nonsensical shenanigans in your head, all they did was form a nebula of affairs; from your mind, and from your heart. 

It gave you a chance to make sense, once again. 

- A much tranced out,


  1. Hmm.. What should I say ?

    Thank you for not making sense. :P

    For me, the labels explained more.

    1. Hah as long as anything explains, eh?

    2. Yeah, Something like that , I guess. :P

  2. Yes. Thank you for not making sense but you made up for most of it. Thank you.

  3. Definitely tranced out.
    But the imagery is dramatic and cruel(to whoever had to organize those files!)
    And I absolutely lurve your name...I still remember being fascinated with the word Nil after I saw Daddy writing it on a form somewhere and I kept repeating it for a long long time,like a word-earworm...nuts.
    Looking forward to more of you!

    1. Oh oh oh! SAME. The same thing used to make me wonder too!
      and thank you so much, you're kind. I do hope to see you around here :)

  4. Beautiful happenings from a sensible mind...I love it!

    1. Sensible? Not so much! Haha thanks loovee :*

  5. reading you after so long, littlu! its pleasant but not a surprise to once again read something so beautiful on your blog.
    keep it up, you have books to sign babu


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