Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Greetings from a happy child, ladies and gentlemen!
It's precisely 3:59 am and might I add, I'm sleep deprived and absoluuuutely content. Read on (*nudges.)

Fact: The end of Boards, 2012.

So thus, this is to basically inform (shout and tear my lungs out, basically) you lovable peepol that the brutal drill of Boards are finally, finally over. You probably want to rip my head out and munch on it with coke for the Fiction overload and the mind numbing rants on the same sulk stories but... Pass it, bro. Happy days are here again. =P

April the 16th has been a legendary day, for reasons beyond academic priorities. I'm not much of a play by play person, so reciting every grain of a wonderful day at multiple levels will perhaps have to wait. Nevertheless, lets just say, April the 16th has been a pricey date for good reasons. =)

In other news, the culmination of Boards as a hard fact hasn't quite hit me just yet. I keep forgetting and gasp every time at the time, while try and calculate how many chapters might have to pull for the night.
And then this slyyyy grin makes its way through and the 32 all out are in action =D
(And I swear, Mojo Jojo's laugh hasn't been this loud in my head, ever. Ever. And then there's some of Mandark's too, occasionally.)

So this is a quick post telling you people that I have literally nothing to do for a while (except identify with the song 'These are a few of my favorite things'. Nyahaha)  and there's this mental scene of Bhangra going on in my head, all the time. =)
Oh and also, I'm off to the mountains. So I shall read books in the middle of apple farms and go diving without knowing the first letter of swimming. If I die, nobody gets my Tazo collection. They be buried with me. And now I'm just blabbering. (Oh, forgive me but I just happened to slog my 'ttub' spelled backward off the past few months and you'll just have to deal with every dime of blabber. Okay, no you don't but whatever. Please? )

And, just by the way... So I was just going to put this out there :

(*Family members reading this blog will kindly ignore the overemotional usage of vocabulary.)

And now I shall go pack my bag with shorts and tee shirts along with flip flops.

(how long have I waited to type just everything in this post.)

Love and everything with a lot of free time,
-Nil. (Imagine the Scooby Doo smile okay? There!) :D


  1. :) itni khush hi raha kar. suits yeh.

  2. Party at your place miss?

    1. OHMYGOD (jumps up and down with you) yay! It's over!!!!!!!!!!
    2. I fully know how you feel. It's like you are so excited that you can't compute so you just look puzzled.
    3. I do that pose all the time. Except sometimes it isn't in my head LOL
    4. I expect to see more blogposts now!!


    1. Yes, miss. Kindly make your way through?

      2. I look drugged, puzzled be a sober adjective :P
      3. (sshh. Me,too)
      4. Yes yes OH yes.


  3. Dude fist pumping all the way! Like a boss man! :D So j bout the apple farms :( Ladakh feels ages ago. And your boards went on like forever...no kidding. And the farts were really appreciated ;) But hell ya, bring on the happy stuff! And mujhe bhi party karni hein? free martinis please?!

    1. Hahha yes sir, boards on till a little neyond forever (almost sounds mushed up, yah?) And haha the farts appreciate you err reading (?) them, too :P

      Arrreey, free martinis and a whole lot more! Walk in, m'friend :D

  4. DOODE its like MY Boards just got over. I feel your excitement yo! Damn glad for you. Enjoy the hills, the books, the apples, the flipflops, the myoooozikk!

    And come to Goa!

    1. Revaaa, myooozikk is tooootally courtesy: You. Thank you for the munchkickin playlist, lady! Downloaded ALL of it :D

      Goa shall happen. Once college be settled. BIBLE.

  5. Ahha! So you're finally a khula saand! :D

  6. SO then what the plan , how you going ot spend your time , what you doing for the vacations ...

    How did the exams go and I bet its a big PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWww they are over I remember those daysssssssssss


    1. Haha plans are too many, and yes, 'Phew' being one of the constant undertones in my neurons right now :P


  7. Great post could that man be Freddie Mercury?


    1. Yes, Yvronne. That man be Freddie Mercury, most defintely :)

  8. DUDE! I don't think even I was THAT happy after my boards.. but then again i am a sciencee.. *sob*

    finally they are over. Badhaaiyaan ji. =P

    what you upto now btw?

    1. Ji haan, bhaaijaan. Sab khatam :P

      What am I upto? Aaah, well. You know, same old. Absolutely (and blissfully) nothing, nada, zilch, :D

  9. I am having mixed thoughts right now.
    You just showed me what I would do(I mean Post in my blog) a week from now. By then, I would be done with my exams as well and my ENGINEERING.

    By the way, hope to get some new posts.
    As for me, I get brilliant ideas to write for my blog while I am in the middle of the Exams, but once they get over I get into enjoying and forget all those *Ideas*. Hope, the same isn't with you as well.
    Anyways I'm waiting for your posts and ....

    Take Care. :)

    1. Hahah I get what you mean, man. Prettttty much same scene happening at my end. I was all kicked about writing godknows so much, and all of a sudden I'm as lazy as a bug.

      Thank you! Take care :)

  10. Geeeeeeez, I've skipped a lot of chapters here, I NEED TO BE MORE REGULAR AT STUDIES! :P

    Mental Note Made.
    Oops, what was that? I'm sorry, goldfish memory.

    An apple a day, reminds me of Eden every single day, oh, what a paradise, now lost. :P

    Enjoy the mountains, and yeah, don't die :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete


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